Philippe (II Augustus, King of France 1180-1223)

 Born  Aug 1165   Born At  
 Died  1223   Buried At  
 Father  Louis (VII, The Young, King of France, 1137-1180)   Mother  Adela (of Champagne)
Philippe Augustus, nicknamed because he was born in August, came to the throne after the death of his father Louis VII in 1180. He took the throne on 18th of September of 1180 at the age of just fourteen. At the age to twenty-five Philippe joined Richard I, the King of England, in the Holy Land during the Third Crusade.


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1165 Aug 21  Birth of Philip Augustus
 The future king of France was born.[1] 
1179 Nov 1  14yrsPhilip II of France crowned
 Following the Capetian tradition of the French Kings, King Louis VII of France had his eldest son Philip crowned at Rheims Cathedral. Philip then became joint ruler of France.[1] 
1180 Jun 28  15yrsTreaty of Gisors
 A non-aggression treaty signed between Philippe Augustus and Henry II.[2] 
 Sep 18  Philippe Augustus takes the French throne
 Philippe II, Augustus succeeds to the French throne after the death of his father.[2] 
1185 Jul  20yrsTreaty of Boves
 Signed by Philippe Augustus to ensure his authority over his vassals.[2] 
1187   22yrsHenry signs a peace treaty
 To avoid war with Philippe Augustus, after Philippe had taken Issousun, Henry II signed a peace treaty at Chateauroux.[2] 
1188 Summer  23yrsWar breaks out
 The conflicts between England and France again started with Henry II attacking French lands and Philippe II attacking English lands in Normandy.[3] 
1189 Jan  24yrsRichard joins Philippe
 Richard, joined forces with the French King to attack his own father.[3] 
1190 Jul 3  25yrsMeeting at Vézelay
 Richard I and Philippe II, Augustus, met at Vézelay and agreed to divide the spoils of the Crusade equally between themselves. They planned to take different routes, Richard via Marseilles and Philippe via Genoa. Richard has around 100 ships at his disposal. Several were from the Cinque Ports, others from Shoreham and Southampton and others donated by private persons. Other ships were hired from ports in Normandy. Richard could have had a force of around 8000 men half of which could have had horses.[4]

Episode: The Third Crusade  
 Oct  Richard captured Messina
 The people of Messina, supporting Tancred, shut the gates on Richard and attacked his soldiers. In the harbour French ships turned against Richard as the friendship between Richard and Philippe had broken down because Philippe believed Richard was about to refuse to go through with his marriage to Alais, Philippe's half-sister. This was true as Richard had arranged a marriage to Berengaria of Navarre who was travelling to meet him. Richard's men stormed Messina and captured the town. Richard was lenient on the people of Messina and decided to build a fort overlooking the town. Tancred agreed to pay the money owed, freed Joan from prison and paid Richard a large amount of gold. Friendly relations were restored between Richard and Philippe when Richard agreed to split the gold with the French king.[4]

Episode: The Third Crusade  
 Christmas  Crusaders in Sicily
 Richard and Philippe stayed in Sicily over the winter months waiting for the weather to improve before continuing their journeys to the Holy Land.[4]

Episode: The Third Crusade  
1191 Mar 30  26yrsPhilippe leaves Sicily
 The King of France set sail for the Holy Land a few days before Richard.[4]

Episode: The Third Crusade  
 Apr 20  Philippe Augustus arrives in Acre
 Philippe Augustus landed in Acre in an attempt to remove Guy of Lusignan as the King of Jerusalem, and replace him with Conrad of Montferrat.[5]

Episode: The Third Crusade  
 May 11  Meeting in Limassol
 Richard met Guy of Lusignan (King of Jerusalem), Geoffrey (Richard's brother), Bohemund (Prince of Antioch), Raymond (Count of Tripoli), Humphrey of Toron and other knights to discuss the attempt by Philippe II of France to replace Guy of Lusignan with Conrad of Montferrat as the King of Jerusalem.[5]

Episode: The Third Crusade  
1194 Jul 3  29yrsRichard defeats Philippe
 On his return from imprisonment, Richard declares war on Philippe Augustus and defeats him at Fretevel. All the French archives were destroyed in the battle which were being transported in a wagon behind the army.[2] 
1200 May 22  35yrsPhilippe and John sign a treaty
 At le Goulet on the River Seine Philippe II signed a peace treaty with John providing two years of peace. The agreement recognised John as overlord of most of the English owned lands in France, but John had to give Philippe the lands of Norman Vexin and Evreux and a large sum of money.[6] 
1201 Jun  36yrsPhilippe entertains John in Paris
 Even though Philippe was hearing complaints from the Lusignans about John's treatment towards them, he was not willing to go against John at this time and entertained him in Paris.[6] 
1202 Spring  37yrsPhilippe sides with the Lusignans
 John charged the Lusignans with treason. The Lusignans went to Philippe for help and Philippe demanded to see John in Paris and for John to surrender several castles in good faith. 
 Apr 28  John fails to attend a summons to Philippe's court
 Failing to attend the court of Philippe II, John was declared to be a rebel and to have forfeited the areas of Aquitaine, Poitou and Anjou. Philippe tried to mediate in the problems between John and the Lusignans but was ignored by John. The lands were given to Arthur of Brittany. Philippe kept Normandy for himself.[6] 
 Jul  Arthur knighted
 Philippe of France knights Arthur of Britanny. 
1204 Spring  39yrsPeace negotiations with France
 After losing Normandy to the French, John sent an embassy to France to negotiate with Philippe. In the party that went from England were Hubert Walter and William Marshal. The negotiations failed due to Philippe's demands.[7] 
 Jun  Normandy is taken by Philippe
 Philippe II, King of France won control of Rouen, the capital of Normandy and Normandy itself. John still had control of Aquitaine.[8] 
1205 Feb  40yrsPhilippe plans invasion
 Philippe II of France held a meeting in Normandy to discuss invading England. This forced John to abandon his own plans of invading Normandy as he could not risk moving his army abroad when the French were about to attack. The planned French invasion never materialised.[7] 
 Summer  More castles fall to the French
 The castles at Chinon and Loches both fell to the French as Philippe strengthened his position. Again William Marshall travelled to see Philippe to agree peace terms, but his attempts were destroyed by Hubert Walter who sent a secret letter to Philippe telling him not to accept William Marshal's promise that John would do homage to Philippe. (What's going on here?)[7] 
1206 Jun  41yrsJohn defends Aquitaine
 After Philippe failed to invade England the year earlier, John took to opportunity to land an army at La Rochelle to defend his interests in Aquitaine which was his from his inheritance from Eleanor of Aquitaine, John's mother. John moved his army north and took back some of the lands he had lost to Philippe.[7] 
 Oct 26  Philippe and John reach a truce
 A two year truce is agreed between the Kings of England and France. [7] 
1213 Spring  48yrsFrench plan invasion
 Because King John had been excommunicated by the Pope the French king, Philippe, had the right to invade England and remove John from the throne. Philippe wanted to put his son Louis in John's place.[7]

Episode: Excommunication of King John  
1214 Feb 2  49yrsJohn sails for France
 John's conflict with Philippe of France started again with John's departure from Portsmouth. With him sailed his wife and second son, Richard. He also took a large amount of treasure.[7] 
 Jul 27  Battle of Bouvines
 English forces under the control of Emperor Otto IV were defeated by Philip II of France. 
1215   50yrsColchester Castle occupied by the French
 An invasion force from France under direction of Philippe II, the king of France captured Colchester Castle. Their objective was to help the cause of the Baron's against king John. 
1223   58yrsLouis VIII becomes King of France
 Louis VIII became king of France, upon the death of his father Philippe Augustus.[2] 

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