Edward (V, King of England 1483)

 Born  4 Nov 1470   Born At  Westmineter Abbey
 Murd.  1483   Buried At  Westminster Abbey
 Father  Edward (IV, Earl of March and King of England 1461-1470, 1471-1483)   Mother  Woodville, Elizabeth
Preceded by  Edward (IV, Earl of March and King of England 1461-1470, 1471-1483) Succeeded by  Richard (III, King of England 1483-1485)
 Royal House   York

Titles Include

King of England from 1483

dward V was the King of England for less than three months during 1483. He was the son of Edward IV, King of England and Elizabeth Woodville and was born in 1470 when his father was in exile and his mother was safe within Westminster Abbey. This was during the time of the Wars of the Roses when the Lancastrians and Yorkists were fighting for the English throne. His father returned from exile after his birth and reclaimed the English throne. The young prince was taken to Ludlow Castle where he spent most of his youth. He was joined there by his younger brother Richard. Edward V was only thirteen years old when his father died in April 1483 and was too young to rule unaided. His uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester (future Richard III) stepped in to assist Edward and his younger brother and transferred them to the Tower of London for safe keeping.

The murder of the Princes in the Tower

Unfortunately for the two boys, Gloucester had his own plans of becoming king and mysteriously the two boys disappeared, supposedly murdered in the Tower. Although it has never been proven, it is suspected that Gloucester had the two boys killed so he could become the king as Richard III.

Bodies Found

In 1674 the bodies of two children were found within one of the towers. Unidentified, the bodies were reburied in Westminster Abbey.


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1470 Qtr 4  Edward (V) is born
 King Edward IV's wife Elizabeth gave birth to her first son. Elizabeth had taken refuge at Westminster Abbey after King Henry VI had been restored to the throne by the Earl of Warwick and King Edward had fled to Burgundy. The baby was named Edward and would be heir to the English throne.

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
1472 - 1483 2yrsLudlow home for the two princes
 The young Prince of Wales and his brother lived at Ludlow Castle. 
1483 Apr  13yrsRichard made Protector
 Edward IV declared that Richard should be made Protector of England as the Prince of Wales was only twelve and too young to rule. Edward did not want the Queen and the Woodville family to have complete control of the country and by making Richard Protector, the King hoped to prevent civil war. 
 Apr 9  Edward IV dies, Edward V becomes king
 Upon the death of the King Edward IV, his son Edward V became King of England. The nature of Edward IV's death is not known, but could have been caused by catching malaria in France or more likely due to excessive eating which he was known to often do according to a chronicler of the time. He died on April the 9th at the age of 41. Edward was buried at Windsor in the new chapel of St. George. 
 Apr 29  Woodvilles escort Edward V
 The 4th of May had been set as the coronation date for Edward V, the new king. The Woodvilles wanted Edward crowned as soon as possible and they wanted Richard's role as Protector changed so that he didn't command so much power. The Woodvilles were concerned that with the death of Edward IV who had been their protector, old rivalries would resurface and their grip on power may fail. The King was at Ludlow and the Woodvilles escorted him to London via Northampton where it was agreed that they should meet Richard, the Duke of Gloucester. When Richard reached Northampton, he discovered that the Woodvilles had already left and were at Stony Stratford. 
 Apr 30  Richard captures the King
 Richard, assisted by the Duke of Buckingham rode to Stony Stratford where they met with the King under the pretence of offering their condolences for the death of his father. Instead, they captured King Edward and took him directly to London and safe keeping in the Tower. Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers was arrested and imprisoned at Sherriff Hutton Castle, near York.[1]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
 Jun 22  Edward V declared illegitimate
 To become king Richard had to remove Edward V. Richard declared that Edward IV was already married when he married Elizabeth Woodville which meant that the marriage to Elizabeth was invalid. This also meant that Edward V was born out of wedlock and not able to become king. At this time Richard also arranged that the King's brother was moved to the Tower of London from Westminster Abbey where he had been looked after by his mother Elizabeth. 
 Jul  Murder of Princes in the Tower
 At some point the young king Edward V and his brother Richard disappeared. Whether they were murdered in the Tower of London and by whom is not known, but they were not seen of again. Later, in 1491, a man called Perkin Warbeck appeared in Ireland and claims were made that he was really Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, one of the princes. 
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