David (Earl of Huntingdon)

Died: 1219

avid was the youngest son of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon who was the son of David I, King of Scotland. David's elder brothers were Malcolm IV and William I, themselves both kings of Scotland. David has several children and when, in 1290, the succession to the throne of Scotland was in question three of his descendants put in claims. These included John Balliol and Robert Bruce.
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Devereux, Robert (Earl of Essex)

etails to follow.
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Dias, Bartholomew

ortuguese explorer who was the first European to round the Cape of Good Hope to the south of Africa.
1488   Rounding of the Cape of Good Hope
 Bartholomew Dias, a Portuguese explorer was the first European to navigate around the southern tip of the African continent.[1]

Episode: The Great Explorers  

Donald (I, Ruler of the Scots 858 - 863)

Died: 863

onald was the brother (or half-brother?) of Kenneth MacAlpin. He only reigned for four or five years and not much is known about it. After his death he was succeeded by his nephew Constantine.
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Donald (II, King of Scotland 889-900)

Died: 900

onald, the son of Constantine I, succeeded his cousins Giric and Eochaid possibly because he deposed them. Very little information about his reign. He was succeeded by another of his cousins, Constantine II. He was buried on Iona.
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Dudley, Robert (Earl of Leicester)

avourite and potential husband of Queen Elizabeth I. Details to follow.
Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1560   Dudley accused of murder
 Robert Dudley's wife, Amy, was found dead at home with a broken neck at the bottom of some stairs. Robert Dudley was accused of her murder because it was thought he planned to marry Queen Elizabeth. Dudley was banished from Court while an inquiry was conducted, but he was found innocent. Although Dudley returned to Court rumours still spread about his involvement in the death.[2] 

Duncan (I, Scottish king)

Died: 1040

Family Tree Details
Father: Crinan (Abbot of Dunkeld)
Mother: Bethoc

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1034   Duncan becomes King of Scotland
 Already the ruler of Strathclyde Duncan killed his grandfather Malcolm II to become the King of Scotland. 
1040 Aug 14  Duncan is killed by Macbeth
 Macbeth killed Duncan I and became the King of Scotland. 

Duncan (II, Scottish King 1094)

Died: Nov 1094

uncan was the eldest son of Malcolm III, King of the Scots and Ingibjorg, his first wife. He was held as a hostage by William Rufus to ensure that his father did not keep invading the north of England. After the death of Malcolm, William Rufus offerred Duncan the opportunity of claiming the Scottish throne. With the help of Norman knights Duncan attacked and exiled his uncle Donald III and became King of Scotland in May 1094. His reign only lasted until November 1094 when he was killed.

Family Tree Details
Father: Malcolm (III, Scottish King 1058-1093) (b.1031 - d.1093)
Mother: Ingibjorg
Duncan (II, Scottish King 1094) ( - d.1094)

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1094 May  Duncan II becomes King of the Scots
 Assisted by Norman knights and his half-brother Edmund, Duncan invaded Scotland to unseat his uncle Donald from the Scottish throne. The invasion succeeded and he became king in May. His reign only lasted until November when he was killed in battle and Donald retook the Scottish throne. Edmund sided with Donald at this time and was named as heir to the throne as the King had no children. It is possible that Edmund shared the rule of Scotland with Donald from 1094. 
 Nov  Donald III restored
 Donald III was restored to the Scottish throne after the death of Duncan II. He shared the Scottish rule with his nephew Edmund.