Uhtred, (Earl of Northumbria 1006-1016)

Died: 1016

rom around 1006 until his murder in 1016, Uhtred was the earl of Northumbria. After his successful defence of the north from the Scots in 1006 King Ethelred II gave Uhtred control of the whole of Northumbria and Yorkshire. In 1013 Uhtred accepted the rule of Sweyn Forkbeard who had invaded, exiled Ethelred, and claimed the English throne. After the death of Sweyn, in 1014, Uhtred declared his support to the returning Ethelred. In 1016 Uhtred was murdered by Thurbrand, a fellow Northumbrian lord. This murder started a fued between the two families that lasted for several generations. Uhtred married several times including one of the daughters of King Ethelred,
1016   Murder of Uhtred
 Uhtred, the earl of Northumbria, was murdered by a fellow lord. This started a family blood-feud that lasted several generations.