Yevele, Henry

Born: 1320 Died: 1400

he master mason responsible for many of Richard II's building projects. Yevele designed Westminster Hall.
1362   Westminster Abbey Nave
 Rebuilding work was begun on the nave and west cloister at Westminster Abbey. The architect in charge of the works was Henry Yevele.[1] 
1374   A Tomb for John of Gaunt
 Henry Yevele was commissioned to design a tomb for John of Gaunt and his first wife Blanche of Lancaster to be built at St. Paul's Cathedral.[1] 
1377 Jun 21  Edward III Dies
 Edward III, the King of England died in June 1377. One year earlier Edward's eldest son and heir to the throne, Edward the Black Prince died. Richard, the son of the Black Prince, was proclaimed heir to the throne. King Edward was ill for some time before his death, and John of Gaunt another of Edward's sons took the affairs of the nation under his control. Edward was buried in Westminster Abbey in a tomb designed by Henry Yevele.[2]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1378   Canterbury Cathedral rebuilding work
 Work on rebuilding the nave and transepts of Canterbury Cathedral was started. The designer was Henry Yeveley one of the greatest architects in the late medieval period. 
1379 - 1405 Canterbury Nave and South Transept
 Canterbury Nave and South Transept built by Henry Yevele.[3] 
1379 - 1414 Canterbury Cloisters
 Canterbury Cloisters built by Henry Yevele.[3] 
1384   Chapel on London Bridge
 A chapel dedicated to St. Thomas was constructed on London Bridge. The architect was Henry Yevele.[1] 
1395   A tomb for Richard II and Anne
 Henry Yevele designed a tomb for King Richard II and his first wife Anne of Bohemia at Westminster Abbey,[1]