Iorwerth, Llywelyn ap

 Born  1172   Born At  
 Died  11 Apr 1240   Buried At  
Llywelyn the Great was the supreme leader of the Welsh Lords during the end of King John's reign and early years of Henry III's reign. Llywelyn signed a peace treaty with King John in 1200 or 1201 ensuring good relations between England and Wales for several years and a marriage was arranged between the Welsh prince and King John's daughter Joan. Joan was not the daughter of either of the Isabellas that John married, At the end of King John's reign, Llywelyn fought against the English when they tried to conquer Wales and sided with the barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta in 1216.

In 1218 Llywelyn signed a peace treaty at Worcester confirming the Welsh leader's ownership of lands including those he had recently captured.


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1207   35yrsAberystwyth Castle demolished
 The castle at Aberystwyth was demolished by Maelgwyn, the brother of the then Lord of Cardiganshire. Maelgwyn had risen up in revolt against his brother and put him in prison. Maelgwyn had first captured the castle but decided to destroy it because Llywelyn the Great was threatening to attack Maelgwyn's lands and he feared the that castle could fall into Llywelyn's hands.[1] 
1215   43yrsLlewellyn captures Abervagenny Castle
 The castle at Abervagenny was captured from King John's forces by Llewellyn.[2] 
   Llewellyn captures Cilgerran Castle
 Llewellyn's fight against the Normans continued with the capture of Cilgerran Castle.[3] 
   Kidwelly captured by the Welsh
 Rhys Grug, another son of the Lord Rhys, captured and burnt the castle at Kidwelly. The Welsh held the castle for several years until Llywelyn the Great forced its restoration to the Normans .[4] 
1216 Nov  44yrsLlywelyn divides Wales
 Llywelyn of Wales divided south Wales amongst the native princes. 
1218   46yrsTreaty of Worcester
 A peace treaty signed by King Henry III of England and Llywelyn the Great of Wales. The treaty confirmed Llywelyn's ownership of lands in Wales. 
1220   48yrsLlywelyn raids Pembrokeshire
 Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales, began raiding Pembrokeshire to retake land that he accused William Marshall, the younger, of stealing. This included Wiston Castle.[5] 
1221   49yrsConstruction of Castell-y-Bere
 Llyewelyn the Great started the construction of this Welsh castle.[4] 
1222   50yrsWilliam the younger retakes his castles
 Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales, had captured the castles at Carmarthen and Cardigan but both were recaptured by William Marshall, the younger.[5] 
1223   51yrsCilgerran Castle recaptured
 William Marshall, the younger, recaptured the castle at Cilgerran from Llywelyn ap Iorwerth. 
1233   61yrsEarl of Pembroke's revolt
 Richard, Earl of Pembroke in alliance with Llywelyn of Wales join forces to fight Henry III. (Details required).[6] 

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