John (Baron Wenlock, Sir)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  4 May 1471   Buried At  
Sir John, Baron Wenlock (or Lord Wenlock) fought on both the Lancastrian and Yorkist sides during the Wars of the Roses. He took part in the invasion of France under Henry V, received his knighthood and became the Chamberlain of Margaret of Anjou, the wife of Henry VI. John was elected to Parliament and represented Bedfordshire where he had been Sheriff. When fighting broke out between the supporters of King Henry VI and Richard Duke of York, Lord Wenlock supported the King and the Lancastrians. After the first Battle of St. Albans John became a supporter of Richard of York and in Parliament was chosen as Speaker. The Yorkists were defeated at the Battle of Ludford in 1459 and John fled to France with the other important Yorkist leaders. Returning to England in June of 1460, John was part of the Yorkist army that took control of London and the Tower. In return for his services John was made a member of the Knights of the Garter. John's support for the Yorkists did not last and after the Earl of Warwick defected and joined Margaret of Anjou in France, John did so as well. When Margaret returned to England in 1471 John fought on her side but at the Battle of Tewkesbury he was killed.


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