Medieval Coronations

871 - 1066

Ruler Coronation Year Month/Day Location Official
Alfred the Great871 --
Edward the Elder900June 8Kingston-upon-Thames-
Constantine II900 Scone Abbey-
Aethelstan925September 4Kingston-upon-Thames-
Edmund I939November 29Kingston-upon-Thames-
Malcolm I943 Scone Abbey-
Eadred946August 16Kingston-upon-Thames-
Indulph954 Scone Abbey-
Eadwig956January 26Kingston-upon-Thames-
Dubh/Duff962 Scone Abbey-
Culen/Cuilean/Colin966/967 Scone Abbey-
Kenneth II971 Scone Abbey-
Edgar I973January 26Kingston-upon-Thames-
Edward the Martyr975 Kingston-upon-Thames-
Aethelred II978 Kingston-upon-ThamesDunstan
Constantine III995 Scone Abbey-
Kenneth III997 Scone Abbey-
Malcolm II1005 Scone Abbey-
Edmund II1016AprilOld St. Paul's Cathedral-
Canute1017JanuaryOld St. Paul's Cathedral-
Duncan I1034NovemberScone Abbey-
Harold I1037 Oxford-
Harthacnut1040JuneCanterbury Cathedral-
Macbeth1040 Scone Abbey-
Edward the Confessor1043April 3Winchester Cathedral-
Lulach1057 Scone Abbey-
Malcolm III1058April 25Scone Abbey-
Harold II1066January 6Westminster CathedralEldred of York

3D Reconstructions

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Medieval Coronations

1066 - 1599

Ruler Coronation Year Month/Day Location Official
William the Conqueror1066December 25Westminster AbbeyEldred of York
William II1087September 26Westminster AbbeyLanfranc
Donald III1093 Scone Abbey-
Duncan II1094 Scone Abbey-
Edgar1097 Scone Abbey-
Henry I1100August 5Westminster AbbeyMaurice, bishop of London
Matilda Edith1100November 11Westminster AbbeyAnslem
Alexander I1107JanuaryScone Abbey-
David I1124MayScone Abbey-
Stephen1135December 26Westminster AbbeyWilliam de Corbeil
Stephen (2nd)1141December 25Canterbury Cathedral
Malcolm IV1153MayScone Abbey-
Henry II1154December 19Westminster AbbeyTheobald
William the Lyon1153December 24Scone Abbey-
Henry the Young King1170June 14Westminster AbbeyRoger of York
Richard I1189September 8Westminster AbbeyBaldwin
John1199May 27Westminster Abbey 
Alexander II1214December 6Scone Abbey-
Henry III1216October 28Westminster AbbeyPeter des Roches
Henry III (2nd)1220May 17Westminster AbbeyStephen Langton
Alexander III1249July 13Scone Abbey-
Edward I1274August 19Westminster Abbey
John Balliol1292November 30Scone Abbey-
Robert Bruce1306MarchScone Abbey-
Edward II1308February 25Westminster Abbey
Edward III1327February 1Westminster Abbey
David II1331November 24Scone Abbey-
Edward Balliol1332September 24Scone Abbey-
Robert II1371MarchScone Abbey-
Richard II1377July 16Westminster AbbeySimon Sudbury
Robert III1390August 14Scone Abbey-
Henry IV1399October 13Westminster AbbeyThomas Arundel
Henry V1413April 9Westminster AbbeyThomas Arundel
James I1424May 21Scone Abbey-
Henry VI1429November 6Westminster Abbey
James II1437March 25Holyrood Abbey-
James III1460August 10Kelso Abbey-
Edward IV1461June 28Westminster Abbey
Richard III1483July 6Westminster Abbey
Henry VII1485October 30Westminster Abbey
James IV1488June 24Scone Abbey-
Henry VIII1509June 24Westminster Abbey
James V1513September 21Stirling Castle-
Mary Queen of Scots1543September 9Stirling Castle-
Edward VI1547February 20Westminster Abbey
Mary I1553October 1Westminster Abbey
Elizabeth I1559January 15Westminster Abbey
James VI1567July 29Stirling Castle-