Philippe (VI, King of France 1328-1350)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1350   Buried At  
 Father  Charles (Count of Valois, Anjou and Maine)   Mother  Margaret (of Anjou, m. Charles Valois)
King of France from 1328 until 1350. Philippe was the first of the Valois line of kings that reigned until the end of the sixteenth century. Philippe's succession to the throne was not uncontested. The three previous monarchs were the sons of Philippe IV (the Fair) who had died in 1314 and none of them had produced a male heir.

Charles, the previous king, had nominated Philippe as regent and to take the throne. Philippe was Charles' first cousin. The succession was contested by Joan (daughter of Louis X) and more importantly by Philippe IV's daughter Isabella of France who had married Edward II, the king of England.


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1328 Feb 1  Charles IV of France Dies, followed by Philippe VI
 After the death of Charles IV the next rightful claimant to the French throne was not clear-cut as there was no male heir. Isabella, the sister of Charles, had married Edward II and their son Edward III had just taken on the rule of England. Isabella put in a claim for her son but in France the first cousin of Charles was chosen. He was Philippe of Valois the grandson of Philippe III of France.[1]

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
1329 Apr  Philippe summons Edward
 Philippe of Valois summoned Edward to travel to France and do him homage for lands that Edward held in south western and northern France.[2] 
 Jun  Edward agrees to do homage to Philippe
 Edward III agreed to do homage to Philippe of Valois for the lands he held in Aquitaine. Edward did not place his hands between Philippe's, a sign of total loyalty which would have been hard to go against, as Edward was unhappy about Philippe's claim to the French throne. Edward was hoping diplomatic endeavours would help his position and wanted Philippe's daughter Joan to marry his first son Edward the Black Prince. [1] 
1331 Apr 4  Meeting between Edward III and Philippe VI
 In disguise Edward travelled to France to meet Philippe VI. At the meeting it was agreed that Edward did not have to do homage for Aquitaine. 
1335 Qtr 2  Edward attacks the Scots
 Edward III, assisted by Balliol, moved up through Scotland. There was a chance that the French would invade while the King was in the North as Philippe VI had sent ships to help the Scottish cause.[3] 
1337 Qtr 2  Cardinals sent to Europe
 Two cardinals, Peter Gomez and Bertrand of Montfavence, were sent by Pope Benedict XII to Europe to try and prevent the two kings from going to war.[4] 
 Oct  Start of the Hundred Years' War
 Relations between England and France were not good. Philippe VI the French King had sent ships to help the Scots who were attacking English merchant shipping and ports. There was the threat that the French would invade England. Edward III then laid a claim to the French throne. The claim centred on the fact that Isabella, his mother, was the daughter of Philippe IV. All of Philippe IV's sons (John I, Philippe V and Charles IV) had died without passing the French throne onto a son. On his death-bed Charles IV designated Philippe of Valois, his first cousin, as regent. Charles' wife was expecting a child and it was hoped that the child would be a boy. The child was a girl and Philippe of Valois claimed the throne for himself. Edward's claim to the throne was disputed because in French law it was stated that the line of succession could not pass through a female line. Philippe VI then declared that all of the English held lands in France were forfeit. These events were the start of conflict between England and France that would last (on and off) for more than one hundred years.[5]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1338 Qtr 1  French attack English ports
 Philippe used Genoese troops to attack ports on the south coast of England including Southampton, Plymouth, Hastings and Rye. The attacks reached right around the coast as far as Bristol.[3]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
 Oct  French attacks continue on the south coast
 Towns at Dover, Folkestone, Harwich, Hastings, Portsmouth, Rye, and the Isle of Wight were attacked and many merchant ships were destroyed. The attackers even sailed into Portsmouth harbour pretending to be English by raising English flags and sacked the town. 
1339 Mar 23  French plan invasion
 Philippe of France and the Normandy elite planned an invasion of England. Their invasion force consisted of around 20,000 to 25,000 men.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
 Jul  French attack Dover
 A French fleet attacked Dover, Folkestone and Sandwich but they were driven back to France. Boulogne was attacked in revenge.[3]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
 Sep  Edward in Northern France
 With the promised help of the counts of Hainault and Namur Edward took his army into Northern France. The counts changed their minds as they had lands to lose if they fought against Philippe. Edward continued without their help and the English confronted the French at La Fremengerie. The French refused to fight and English, short of supplies, turned back.[3]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1340 Jul  Siege of Tournai
 Edward besieged the important French town of Tournai. The town proved impossible to break and when Philippe arrived nearby with an army a truce was agreed. The truce with mediated by Philippe's sister who was also Edward's mother-in-law. The truce lasted until June of 1341.[3] 
 Sep 25  Treaty of Esplechin
 A peace treaty between Edward III and Philippe VI of France. Edward had large debts and further campaigning was not possible so he accepted that the truce between the two kings was the best course of action. This treaty marks the end of the first section of the Hundred Years War.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1342 Oct  Edward and Brittany
 Edward sailed to Brittany to assist English troops already there. They were supporting Jean de Montfort's claim to be the Duke of Brittany. Philippe, king of France, disputed this claim and supported his own contender to the title. Edward left his eldest son in charge of England while he was away.[3]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1346 Aug  Edward III crosses the Seine
 Philippe VI had ordered bridges across the Seine to be destroyed so that Edward could not cross the river. Edward marched south towards Paris but at Poissy his engineers managed to repair the bridge. His army crossed the river and turned north.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
 Sep 4  Siege of Calais
 Edward III began the siege of Calais that would last for almost a year. The governor of the town was man called Jean de Vienne. Edward demanded that the town should surrender but de Vienne refused, hoping that the town walls would hold the English out until Philippe VI could come to their rescue. The English set up camp around the town and arranged for supplies to be brought from England. Wooden houses were also built to house the soldiers while they waited. Philippa, the Queen even joined her husband at the camp.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
 Oct 17  Scots defeated at Neville's Cross
 During Edward III's absence on the campaign of Crecy the Scottish king David II was approached by the French King Philippe VI of Valois to invade England. David II did so and advanced south but at Neville's Cross they met a band of monks, priests and land workers who managed to defeat the Scottish army. The band were led by the archbishop of York William Zouche. David II was captured and sent to London to be held at the Tower.[1] 
1348 May  The Plague reaches Paris
 The steady progress of the Plague westard could not be stopped. The French king left the city for the relative safety of teh countryside.But several of the royal family died including the King's niece Queen Jeanne of Navarre who had tended to the sick and had caught the illness herself. 
1350   John II becomes King of France
 John became king of France after the death of his father Philippe.[6]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  

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