Pym, John

 Born  1584   Born At  
 Died  8 Dec 1643   Buried At  
As leader of the House of Commons in Parliament, John Pym was a strong opposer of King Charles I.


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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1640 Apr 13  56yrsThe Short Parliament
 Charles I called Parliament to ask for taxes to raise money for war against the Scots. Parliament agreed to grant the King 'twelve subsidies' on the condition that 'ship money' was abolished. Ship money was a tax normally imposed at time of war to allow the King to build ships for the defence of the country, but Charles had imposed this tax in peace times without Parliament's consent which was illegal. John Pym stood up against the King and complained about how he was running the country. Charles grew impatient and dissolved Parliament on May 5, only three weeks after Parliament was called.[1] 
1641 Mar 22  57yrsTrial of Earl Strafford begins
 Earl Strafford's trial commenced.[2] 
 May 12  Strafford Executed
 Earl Strafford was executed on Tower Hill.[2] 
1642 Jan 4  58yrsCharles attempts arrests
 Charles I, with a small band of soldiers, attempted to arrest key leaders of Parliament including John Pym. When Charles arrived at Westminster he found that the men had already left and had found sanctuary in the city of London. Charles had little support in the city and had little choice but to leave.[1] 

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