Rulers of Scotland (843 .. 1513)

Early Middle Ages

The Kings of Alba (843 - 1058)

Ruler Relationship to Predecessor From To/Comments
Kenneth I-843858
Donald IBrother858863
Constantine INephew863877
Giric / Eochaid-878889
Donald II-889900
Constantine II-900942
Malcolm I-942954
Kenneth II-971995
Constantine III-995997
Kenneth III-9971005
Malcolm II-10051034
Duncan IGrandson10341040

3D Reconstructions

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High Middle Ages

The House of Canmore (1058 - 1290)

Ruler Relationship to Predecessor From To/Comments
Malcolm IIICousin of Macbeth10581093
Donald IIIBrother10931094
Duncan IINephew1094May to Nov
Donald III (restored)-10941097
EdgarNephew of Duncan II10971107
Alexander IBrother11071124
David IBrother11241153
Malcolm IV-11531165
William I (The Lyon)-11651214
Alexander II-12141249
Alexander III-12491286
Margaret (Maid of Norway)-12861290

Time of Conflict (1290 - 1371)

Ruler Relationship to Predecessor From To/Comments
First Interregnum-12901292
John Balliol-12921296
Second Interregnum-12961306
Robert I (The Bruce)-13061329
David II-13291332
Edward Balliol-1332Nov to Dec
David II-1332 Dec1333 Jun
Edward Balliol-13331336
David II-13361371

The (partial) House of Stewart (1371 - 1625)

Ruler Relationship to Predecessor From To/Comments
Robert II-13711390
Robert III-13901406
James I-14061437
James II-14371460
James III-14601488
James IV-14881513
James V-15131542
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots-15421567

Virtual Reconstructions

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