Wentworth, Thomas (Viscount Strafford)

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 Died  12 May 1641   Buried At  


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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1640 Nov 3  The Long Parliament
 Charles I was forced to call Parliament to raise money to pay for a continued war with the Scottish. Parliament was led by John Pym who opposed the King. Parliament agreed to give Charles some money in return for concessions. These included the removal of Charles' closest advisors, Archbishop Laud and Thomas Wentworth Viscount Strafford. Laud would be kept in the Tower of London while Strafford would be executed. 
1641 Mar 22  Trial of Earl Strafford begins
 Earl Strafford's trial commenced.[1] 
 May 12  Strafford Executed
 Earl Strafford was executed on Tower Hill.[1] 

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