Bridgnorth Castle

ridgnorth Castle is located on a cliff by the side of the River Severn. In 1102 the castle belonged to Robert Belleme, Earl of Shrewsbury a powerful Norman baron. Henry brought several charges against Robert in an attempt to bring the baron under control and confiscated his castles including Brignorth and Arundel. The castle was also surrendered to Henry II in 1155. There are records of building work at the castle between 1166 and 1174 during the reign of King Henry II and also in 1211 in the reign of King John. Not much of the square keep remains. What is left is leaning at a very odd angle.

Bridgnorth Castle Key Facts
CountyShropshire (13 castles)
Built overlooking the River Severn.
RemainsSmall amount survives
Access to siteAt any reasonable time
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Not much to see but as it's free that's not much a of a problem. How about visiting the Severn Valley Railway at the same time.

912   Towns fortified at Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth
 Athelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, built a burh first at Shrewsbury and then at Bridgnorth.The defences were needed to protect the people from the Danes.[1] 
1102   Henry captures castle at Bridgnorth
 The castle at Bridgnorth was surrendered to Henry.[2] 
1155   Henry takes Scarborough Castle and Bridgnorth
 As part of his attempt to subdue the Barons who had become too powerful during the civil war, Henry took the castle at Scarborough from William of Aumale and Bridgnorth from Hugh Mortimer.[3] 
   Bridgnorth castle surrendered to Henry
 Henry II captures the castle at Bridgnorth.[2] 
1166 - 1174 Building work at Bridgnorth Castle
 Work on the tower at the castle of Bridgnorth progressed between 1166 and 1174.[2] 
1211 - 1212 Barbican built at Bridgnorth Castle
 Work was carried out on the outer defences at Bridgnorth.[2] 
1265 Summer  Armies march
 Simon's son was sent to London to raise money and troops. He diverted back through Winchester which was loyal to the king and then moved through Oxford and Northampton. Edward (I) moved from Worcester to Bridgnorth destroying bridges and means of allowing Simon who was on the Welsh side of the Avon from crossing back. The people of Bristol, friendly to Simon's cause sent ships to Newport to help Simon cross, but they were intercepted and destroyed by Edward.[4]

Episode: The Second Barons' War  


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