Carlisle Cathedral

arlisle Cathedral has been struck with a series of disasters. In around 860 the church was devastated by the Danes and remained a ruin until 1090 when William Rufus arranged for its reconstruction. In 1292 a fire did a lot of damage and in the Civil War soldiers butchered the nave for fortification building material. The original collegiate church was founded by secular canons in 1092 and were replaced by Augustinian canons in 1123. Henry I made the church a Cathedral in 1133 and Adelulf became the first bishop. Out of the original seven bays of the Norman church's nave only two now survive. The eastern sections of the church were rebuilt in the early thirteenth century and then again starting in 1292 after a fire that started in a near-by house. The fire destroyed the wooden ceiling and the Early English columns. The columns were rebuilt in the Decorated style. The eastern section when rebuilt was built on different central axis to the nave.

Dimensions: General

Total Length2120
Length of nave390
Height of nave650
Width of nave600
Length of choir1340
Height of choir720
Width of choir720
Height of tower1120
Area15730 sq.feet
Source: Medieval Monasteries and Minsters:Roberts;
1092   Carlisle Collegiate church founded
 Secular canons founded a collegiate church at Carlisle. 
1092 - 1123 Work begins on Carlisle Cathedral
 Work began on the nave and the southern transept.[1] 
1245 - 1292 Carlisle Cathedral building work
 Work on the choir, aisles and arcading began and construction lasted until 1292 when a fire badly damaged the Cathedral.[1] 
1292   Carlisle Cathedral damaged by fire
 The Cathedral is extensively damaged by fire.[1] 
1292 - 1322 Rebuilding work at Carlisle Cathedral
 Work began on rebuilding the choir, piers and east bay of the cathedral after a damaging fire[1] 
1363 - 1395 Carlisle Cathedral work on the choir
 Extra work on the choir was carried out between 1363 and 1395.[1] 
1400 - 1419 Tower built at Carlisle
 The tower and north transept at Carlisle were begun in 1400 and were completed in 1419.[1] 

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