Carreg Cennen Castle

he ruins of this castle in South Wales stands high on a rocky outcrop. On three sides are steep cliffs so care must be taken when visiting. Access to the castle is via a slopping ridge that is still quite a climb from the floor of the valley below. The castle has a rectangular inner ward with serveral round towers and one square tower. A strong gate house on the north side of the castle has a ditch cut infront of it and would have had a drawbridge. An outer bailey had a small gate house. On the southern side of the castle a covered and vaulted passage had been built into the side of the cliff. This passage leads to a cave cut into the hillside. The cave can be explored so take a torch. The castle changed hands several times in its history including in around 1248 when the castle was given to the English by the mother of Rhys Fychan who hated her son. Rhys Fychan soon afterwards recaptured the castle. In 1282 during the Welsh rebellion the castle was captured by Llywelyn ap Gruffydd but retaken shortly afterwards when the rebellion was put down.

Carreg Cennen Castle Key Facts
CountyCarmathenshire (7 castles)
RemainsNot complete but much survives
Access to siteOnly open at certain times

1462   Carreg Cennen demolished
 Carreg Cennen Castle was captured from the Lancastrians by the Yorkists. To prevent it from being used as a castle again 500 men were employed to take it apart. The castle has remained a ruin ever since.[1]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  


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