Durham Cathedral

urham Cathedral is built on a peninsular carved out by the river Wear. The body of Cuthbert was brought to Durham in 995 a hundred years after being moved from Lindisfarne where it was in danger of destruction by the Danes. The Normans took control of the cathedral and a castle was built near by. The building work of the present cathedral was begun around 1093 and continued until 1133. It is the best example of Romanesque in Europe. When the Lady Chapel was added in the middle of the twelfth century its usual location at the east of the church was not suitable due to problems with the foundations. The chapel was built instead at the west end of the church and is known as the Galilee Chapel. At the east end of the cathedral is the chapel of the Nine Altars. This was built in the eleventh century and houses the shrine of St. Cuthbert. Cuthbert is still buried here.

Dimensions: General

Total Length4700
West wall to east window4100
Length of nave2050
Height of nave720
Width of nave810
Length of choir1330
Height of central tower2180
Height of western towers1440
Area44400 sq.feet
Source: Medieval Monasteries and Minsters:Roberts;
999   Durham Cathedral consecrated
 Bishop Aldhun, the first Bishop of Durham, consecrated a cathedral at the location where the remains of St. Cuthbert had been relocated to. The remains were at Lindisfarne and were moved because of the danger of Viking raids.[1]

Episode: Viking Invasions  
1093   Durham Cathedral begun
 Durham Cathedral was the first building in Western Europe with ribbed vaulting in the ceiling.[2] 
1099 - 1128 Nave at Durham constructed
 Construction of the nave at Durham Cathedral began in 1099 and lasted until 1128.[3] 
   Flambard is made Bishop of Durham
 Ranulf Flambard is made the Bishop of Durham by William Rufus. 
1128 - 1133 The nave at Durham is vaulted
 Work on the nave vaulting lasted from 1128 until 1133.[3] 
1133 - 1140 Durham Cathedral Chapter house
 The Chapter house at Durham Cathedral was begun in 1133 and took until 1140.[3] 
1170 - 1175 The Galilee porch at Durham is built
 The Galilee porch on the West front of Durham Cathedral was built between 1170 and 1175.[3] 
1242 - 1280 Chapel of the Nine Altars
 The Chapel of the Nine Altars in built on the east end of Durham Cathedral between 1242 and 1280.[3] 

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