Greenwich Palace

t Greenwich on the southern bank of the River Thames in London Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester constructed new buildings on the site of an old medieval abbey starting in 1433. He built a tower as a lookout to watch out for invasion fleets coming up the Thames. The tower's location is now occupied by the Greenwich Royal Observatory and the palace is now the site of the Royal Hospital. Originally the building was called Greenwich Castle or the Manor of Pleazaunce. The palace featured heavily during the Tudor period and Henry VIII was born there in 1491.
1433   Construction of Greenwich Palace
 Humphrey, the Duke of Gloucester began the construction of the Greenwich estate which would become the important Tudor residence. 
1491 Jun 28  Henry (VIII) born
 The future king of England Henry VIII was born at Greenwich Palace. He was the third child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. 
Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1509 Jun 11  Henry marries Catherine of Aragon
 Henry VIII married Catherine at Greenwich.

Episode: Henry VIII and his Six Wives  
1511 May 1  Joust at Greenwich
 Henry VIII held a jousting tournament at Greenwich Palace.[1] 
1515 May 13  Mary and Suffolk marry
 Princess Mary, the younger sister of Henry VIII, married Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk at Greenwich. Henry VIII gave full consent to the marriage. 
1543 Jul  Treaties of Greenwich
 A treaty was signed by the Scots and Henry VIII swearing firstly peace between the two nations and secondly the agreement that Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, should marry Henry's son Edward. Although these two treaties were initially agreed they had been rejected by the Scots by the end of the year. 
1553 Jul 6  Death of Edward VI
 Edward VI died at Greenwich Palace as the age of 15.

Episode: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen  

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