Stokesay Castle

tokesay Castle is a Welsh border fortified manor house has survived very much unaltered since it was built at the end of the thirteenth century. It consists of a large hall, a three-storey tower, private apartments, a seventeenth century gatehouse and a curtain wall. The majority of the existing manor house was built by a wool trader Lawrence of Ludlow from 1281 onwards. In 1291 Lawrence obtained a licence to crenelate which meant that he could build a stone tower with battlements. This construction probably happened just after Edward I had defeated Llywelyn and the resulting peace allowed Lawrence to built his manor without fear of attack.

Stokesay Castle Key Facts
CountyShropshire (13 castles)
DirectionsAbout eight miles north of Ludlow, just off the A49.
CategoriesStone / Fortified Manor House
RemainsExcellent remains
Access to siteOnly open at certain times
Outer Defences
MoatA small moat surrounds this fortified manor house, Now dry but the moat was probably filled with water in the past.
TimeRef Rating
TimeRef Comments
Lots to see here. The substantial remains of the manor house and the stone tower both can be explored. The moat is now dry and can be walked around.

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Stokesay Castle is an excellent example of a fortified manor house. It has remained largely unchanged since the time it was built in the thirteenth century by Lawrence of Ludlow. Lawrence was a wealthywool trader who built a new hall and tower on the site of an existing fortification. Explore the hall and solar block that he created.


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1291   Licence to crenelate at Stokesay
 Edward I grants Lawrence of Ludlow a licence to fortify his manor house at Stokesay. 

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