Beverley Minster

everley Minster in situated in the small town of Beverley, just a few miles north west of Kingston upon Hull and is as large as any of the cathedrals and more impressive than some. In medieval times, Beverley, was an important site that attracted pilgrims. A monastery was founded on the site by Bishop John of York in the early 700's and according to Bede who wrote a history of the time states that John lived the later years of his life in the monastery and was buried there. Little is known of the history of the monastery until just before the Normans arrived. In 1037, Archbishop Aelfric canonised John as St. John of Beverley and improvements to the church were undertaken. Between 1060 and 1170, the Minster was under a process of reconstruction in the Norman style, and then later between 1220 and 1400 more changes were made. The results of this building work is how the Minster appears now. Beverley was the home for a special banner belonging to St.John, which was carried by many armies, including Edward I's when going into battle as a good omen. Henry V honoured St. John after the battle of Agincourt which was fought on one of his feast days by making him one of the royal family saints.

Dimensions: General

Total Length3330
Length of nave1710
Height of nave650
Width of nave630
Length of transept1670
Height of towers1630
Area29600 sq.feet
Source: Medieval Monasteries and Minsters:Roberts;
1037   Bishop John of York is canonised
 Archbishop Aelfric canonised John of York, responsible for founding the monastery at Beverley, as St. John of Beverley. 
1220   Construction of Beverley Minster
 Building work on the current church began in this year. The building was designed using the Gothic style. The construction work continued until 1425. 

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