armouth Castle is located on the eastern side of the River Yar estuary on the Isle of Wight and was built by Henry VIII in around 1547 to protect the island from invasion by the French. The French had landed on the Isle of Wight briefly a couple of years earlier and it was probably this event that Henry has reacting to. It is one of a series of gun-forts that Henry had built to protect the whole of the south coast. Hurst Castle, another of Henry's gun-forts is located on the other side of the Solent. Like other gun-forts built at the time, Yarmouth Castle was designed not as a residence but as a platform to hold large guns, but its shape is completely different. While most of the other gun-forts had a circular central tower, Yarmouth Castle has a square tower with 100 feet long sides.

Key Facts
CountyIsle Of Wight (2 castles)
CategoriesHenry VIII Gun Fort
OwnershipRoyal castle
One of Henry VIII's gun-forts.
RemainsNot complete but much survives
Access to siteOnly open at certain times
Outer Defences
MoatThe south and east sides of the castle were originally protected by a wide moat but this has been filled in.
Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1547   Yarmouth Castle Construction
 The building work at Yarmouth Castle on the Isle of Wight was completed in this year. The castle was one of the gun-forts that Henry VIII had built to defend the south coast of England against invasion from the French. 
arthwork remains of a motte and bailey castle near the village of Yielden in Bedfordshire. Mound with two baileys. Unsure if this is on private land.

Key Facts
CountyBedfordshire (3 castles)
CategoriesMotte & Bailey
With two baileys,.
RemainsEarthworks only
Access to siteUnknown - Please check before visiting
No Items
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