Llansteffan Castle

ubstantial remains of a Norman castle built high on cliffs overlooking the Twyi estuary south of Carmarthen in South Wales. The Normans built their castle on the site that had been used since the Iron Age due to its easily defendable location. Consisting of a strong gatehouse, outer and inner baileys, much of the outer walls on the castle remain and date from the middle to late thirteenth century.

Llansteffan Castle Key Facts
CountyCarmathenshire (7 castles)
CategoriesStone / Cliff-top
RemainsSmall amount survives
Access to siteAt any reasonable time

1146   Llansteffan Castle captured
 Llansteffan Castle was captured by the Welsh. 
1192   Llansteffan Castle rebuilt
 William de Camville had been granted Llansteffan Castle by Henry II and rebuilding work started in 1192. 
1403   Llansteffan Castle attacked by Glyndwr
 The Norman Llansteffan Castle was attacked by Owain Glyndwr. Glyndwr may have held the castle for a short time until it was retaken by Sir John Penress (Pennes).

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