Maxstoke Castle

axstoke castle is privately owned and is only open to the public once or twice a year. The licence to crenellate or fortify the manor was given to William de Clinton, the Earl of Huntingdon and Constable of Dover in 1346 by Edward III. The castle consists of a rectangular court surrounded by a water filled moat. At the four corners are octagonal towers which are around 9 metres in diameter and each have three floors. The entrance to the castle is by the eastern side and consists of a large gatehouse with twin towers octagonal in shape. Originally the courtyard would have had three ranges of buildings to the north, south and west, but these were replaced by later reconstruction work. Maxstoke Castle is situated near Coleshill, a few miles to the east of Birmingham. I have produced a VRML 3D model of the castle which can be found on the '3D Buildings' page.

Maxstoke Castle Key Facts
CountyWarwickshire (8 castles)
CategoriesFortified Manor House
OwnershipBaronial castle
RemainsNot complete but much survives
Access to siteOnly open at certain times
Outer Defences
MoatA substantial moat surrounds the castle.
TimeRef Rating
TimeRef Comments
This is a private residence and is only rarely open to the public.

1346   Maxstoke Castle licence to crenellate
 Edward gives permission to William de Clinton to build a castle.[1] 


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