Old Whitehall Palace

The location of the medieval Whitehall Palace lies to the north of the current Houses of Parliament on the west side of the River Thames. It occupied the land between Westminster Abbey, built by Edward the Confessor, and the city of London futher up the Thames to the north-east. In medieval times there were fields between the Abbey and the city and a road ran between the two. It was on this road that Hubert de Burgh purchased land from the Abbey and built himself a mansion.
1223   Hubert de Burgh builds a mansion
 Hubert de Burgh purchased land from Westminster Abbey on which he built a mansion. This building would be expanded over the years to become Whitehall Palace.[1] 
Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1533 Jan 25  Marriage to Anne Boleyn
 Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn at Whitehall Palace on or around the 25th of January. Anne was expecting a child which Henry and Anne hoped would be a boy.

Episode: Henry VIII and his Six Wives  
1547 Jan 28  Death of Henry VIII
 Henry died at Whitehall Palace at the age of 55. He was buried in St. George's Chapel Windsor next to Jane Seymour, his favourite wife. 

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