Pembroke Castle

embroke Castle is built on a promontory that extends out into the Pembroke RIver and is protected on three sides by steep cliffs, In 1093 Ranulph (Roger) de Montgomery built a fort on the site probably from just wood. Under the ownership of William Marshall the castle was rebuilt in stone which included the construction of a huge round tower keep some 80 feet in height.

Pembroke Castle Key Facts
CountyPembrokeshire (12 castles)
RemainsExcellent remains
Access to siteOnly open at certain times
TimeRef Rating

1090   Construction of Pembroke Castle
 A motte and bailey castle was built at Pembroke by Arnulf of Montgomery. 
1138   Gilbert de Clare becomes Earl of Pembroke
 Gilbert de Clare was made the first Earl of Pembroke. He took control of the castle of the same name. 
1189   William Marshal and Chepstow Castle
 In 1189 William Marshal married Isabel (Isabella), the heiress of Earl Richard de Clare. Isabel's castles passed to William including Pembroke Castle.[1] 
1456 Dec  Margaret Beaufort moved to Pembroke
 After the death of Edmund Tudor his brother Jasper Tudor Earl of Pembroke moved Margaret Beaufort to Pembroke Castle. Margaret was the wife of Edmund and expecting their first child.[2] 
1457 Jan 28  Henry (VII) is born
 The future king of England, Henry VII, was born at Pembroke Castle. His father was Edmund Tudor who had died a couple of months before the birth and his mother was Margaret Beaufort who was directly descended from Edward III. 
1461 Sep  Pembroke Castle captured
 Pembroke Castle was captured by William Herbert. The young Henry Tudor was found in the castle where he had been hiding.[3]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
 Nov  Pembroke Castle in Yorkist hands
 William Herbert was given the castle at Pembroke in recognition of his assistance to Edward IV. Herbert was made the guardian of the future Henry VII who was living at the castle.

Episode: Wars of the Roses  

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