Peterborough Cathedral

n abbey was founded on the site around 655 by either Saxulf or Peada the first Christian king of Mercia. The abbey was consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 655. At the end of the 9th century the Danes invaded and raised the abbey to the ground. The abbey lay in ruins until the Aethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, with help from King Edgar rebuilt the abbey and consecrated it in 972 in the presence of Archbishops Dunstan of Canterbury and Oswald of York. The second abbey was run under the rule of the Benedictines. The abbey, dedicated to St. Peter, had a wall built around it for defence and the name changed to Burgh St. Peter where Burgh means fortified. In 1066 Leofric, the abbot of Peterborough, stood at Harold's side at Hastings but was wounded and died. His successor Brando mistakenly supported Edgar the Atheling instead of William the Conqueror and when William enforced his rule Brando had to pay him a fine. A Norman abbot was installed at Peterborough when Brando died in 1069. In 1116 fire struck the abbey and the building was badly damaged. Rebuilding work began in 1118 and took 120 years to complete. The building was consecrated in 1238 by the Bishop of Lincoln, Grosseteste. The abbey became a Cathedral in 1541 after the abbeys were dissolved in 1539. Notable people to be buried here are Catherine of Aragon who was divorced from Henry VIII and Mary Queen of Scots who was buried here before being moved to Westminster Abbey.
869   Danes attack East Anglia
 Moving south again from York, The Danes entered East Anglia, attacking and destroying the many religious in the area including the monastery at was what to become Peterborough. The King of East Anglia, Edmund raised an army to attack the Danes but was captured and killed.[1]

Episode: Viking Invasions  
972   Consecration of Peterborough Abbey
 Dunstan, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Oswald, the Archbishop of York, consecrated the abbey at Peterborough in the presence of King Edgar. 
1070 Jun  Hereward the Wake sacks Peterborough Abbey
 As part of a revolt against the new Norman invaders, Hereward the Wake sacks the abbey at Peterborough.

Episode: Norman Conquest  
1116   Fire destroys Peterborough Abbey
 An accidental fire destroys the abbey at Peterborough.  
1117 - 1155 Peterborough Cathedral choir and transept
 After the devastating fire of 1116 work began on rebuilding the abbey at Peterborough. The central area including choir and transept were begun first. Work continued until 1155.[2] 
1155 - 1175 Peterborough Cathedral Nave
 The nave of Peterborough cathedral was the next phase of rebuilding work after the choir and transept. Work continued until 1175.[2] 
1193 - 1230 West Front of Peterborough Cathedral
 The West front of Peterborough Cathedral was constructed between the years 1193 and 1230.[2] 
1272 - 1286 Peterborough Cathedral's Lady Chapel
 The Lady Chapel of the Cathedral at Peterborough was constructed between 1272 and 1286.[2] 
1325   Peterborough's Central Tower
 The central tower of Peterborough Cathedral was begun in 1325.[2] 
1375   Galilee porch as Peterborough
 The Galilee porch on the West front of Peterborough Cathedral was started in 1375.[2] 

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