Rochester Cathedral

ochester was founded in around 604 by Ethelbert, King of Kent. After the Norman Conquest Gundulf, the first Norman, was chosen as Bishop. Gundulf of Bec was the chief castle builder for William the Conqueror and was responsible for the construction of the Tower of London. Gundulf rebuilt the Cathedral, improved the surrounding monastic buildings and replaced the secular canons with monks of the Benedictine Order. The nave and the restored west front are mainly twelfth century. In 1201 a pilgrim was murdered outside the cathedral and was raised to a Saint and known St. William of Perth. Pilgrims flocked to the cathedral and the increased income provided money to rebuild many parts including the presbytery, transepts and choir.

Dimensions: General

Total Length3060
Length of nave1260
Height of nave550
Width of nave650
Transept width1250
Length of choir1470
Area23300 sq.feet
Source: Medieval Monasteries and Minsters:Roberts;
1077   Rochester Cathedral building begins
 Work on Rochester Cathedral began. (More Information to follow) 
   Gundulf consecrated as Bishop of Rochester
 Gundulf became Bishop of Rochester, remaining there for thirty years and where he is buried. 
1100 Jul 13  Abbey Church at Gloucester dedicated
 The abbey church at Gloucester built by Abbot Serlo was dedicated by Samson the Bishop of Worcester, Gundulph the Bishop of Rochester and Harvey Bishop of Bangor. 
1108   Death of Gundulf
 Gundulf's thirty year career of magnificent castle and cathedral design and construction came to an end with his death. His plans for the reconstruction of Rochester Cathedral were left incomplete. It was not until 1115 that construction work was to resume under the direction of Ernulf.[1] 
1115 - 1130 Nave of Rochester Cathedral
 Construction of Rochester Cathedral's name commenced in 1115 and finished around 1130.[2] 
1130   Fire at Rochester
 On the same day that Henry I attended the consecration of Rochester Cathedral, a fire took hold in the city and damaged the newly finished building. 
1150   Rochester Cathedral West Front
 Work on the West front of Rochester Cathedral began in 1150.[2] 
1179   Rochester fire
 In 1177 or 1179 another fire took hold in the city of Rochester damaging the Cathedral. 
1200 - 1227 Rochester Cathedral Presbytery and Choir
 Building work on eastern area of the Cathedral began in around 1200 and continued until 1227.[2] 
1240 - 1255 North Transept of Rochester Cathedral
 Work on the north transept between 1240 and 1255.[2] 
1280   South Transept at Rochester
 Work on the South Transept and nave commenced in 1280.[2] 
1343   Rochester Cathedral Tower
 Under the direction of Bishop Hamo de Hythe the construction of a new central tower was begun[1] 

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