Scone Abbey

cone Abbey, in Perthshire Scotland, was the setting for the crowning of many of the Scottish Kings throughout the Medieval period. The abbey no longer exists but a new building called Scone Palace was built in its place. The Abbey was the home of the Stone of Scone, or Stone of Destiny, a sacred stone used during the coronation of the Scottish Kings. The Stone of Scone was taken from the Abbey in 1296 by Edward I and installed at Westminster Abbey for 700 years until it was returned to Scotland and is now kept at Edinburgh Castle.
1057 Aug  Macbeth is killed and Lulach becomes king
 Macbeth was killed by Malcolm III (Malcolm Canmore) who later became the King of Scotland. Macbeth was succeeded by his stepson Lulach who was crowned at Scone. 
1058 Mar  Malcolm III becomes King of the Scots
 Malcolm had killed Macbeth at Lumphanan in Aberdeenshire. Macbeth's stepson Lulach was crowned king and reigned for four months until he too was killed at Strathbogie. Malcolm became King of the Scots and was crowned at Scone.[1] 
1153 Jun  Malcolm IV becomes King of the Scots
 After the death of David I Malcolm became king. He was crowned at Scone Abbey.[2] 
1165 Dec  William I 'the Lion' becomes king of the Scots
 On the death of Malcolm IV his brother, William, became the king of the Scots. William was crowned at Scone. 
1214 Dec 5  Alexander II became King of the Scots
 Alexander was crowned at Scone. 
1249 Jul 9  Alexander III became King of the Scots
 Alexander was crowned at Scone. 
1292 Nov 30  John Balliol become King of the Scots
 Balliol was crowned at Scone Abbey on St. Andrew's Day. 
1296 Jul  Balliol: Surrenders at Stracathro, Edward takes the Stone of Scone
 The English had taken many castles and in July 1296 Balliol surrendered to Edward I. Balliol was allowed to retire to France some years later. Edward advanced to Elgin and on his return to England took the Stone of Scone.[1]

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  
1306 Mar 25  Robert Bruce is crowned Robert I of Scotland
 Robert Bruce was crowned King of Scotland At Scone Abbey.

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  
1332 Sep 24  Balliol crowned king of Scotland
 Edward Balliol was crowned king of Scotland at Scone but was quickly forced over the border back to England prompting Edward III's assaults.[3] 
1337 Aug 14  Robert III is born at Scone
 Robert (III), the future king of Scotland, was born at Scone. 
1371 Mar 27  Robert II is crowned at Scone
 Robert II is crowned at Scone. 
1390 Apr 19  Robert III becomes King of the Scots
 Robert II, king of the Scots died at the age of seventy-four and was succeeded by Robert III who ruled from 1390 to 1406. Robert II was buried at Scone Abbey.[2] 
1424 May  James I crowned
 James I, King of Scotland was crowned at Scone Abbey. 

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