Shrewsbury Castle

hrewsbury town is mentioned in the Domesday book at which time it had 250 houses and 5 churches. The town is located within a bend of the river Severn and is a natural defensive site. After the Norman Conquest Shrewsbury was granted to Roger de Montgomery who promptly build a castle to defend the town and the river crossing. 50 houses were demolished to make room for the new castle. In the reign of Henry I Shrewsbury castle was surrendered to the king by Robert de Belleme who was supporting Robert, Duke of Normandy. In 1126 the castle was granted by Henry I to Adeliza of Louvain his second wife. Fitz-Alan was made the castle's constable and he defended the castle for Matilda against King Stephen. Stephen managed to capture the castle in 1138 but Henry (II) reclaimed Shrewsbury by the end of Stephen's reign. A Parliament met at Shrewsbury in 1283 after David, the last Prince of Wales, was captured. David was sentenced to death and was executed as a traitor. In 1402 Henry IV assembled an army as Shrewsbury to attack Owain Glyndwr and a year later Henry managed to arrive at Shrewsbury before his enemy Hotspur and in the battle that took place just outside the town left Hotspur dead. During the Wars of the Roses Shrewsbury supported the Yorkists and Edward IV treated the town with favour.

Shrewsbury Castle Key Facts
CountyShropshire (13 castles)
DirectionsAt the top of the hill in Shrewsbury town centre.
RemainsSmall amount survives
Access to siteOnly open at certain times
TimeRef Rating

1102   Earl Robert of Belleme
 Henry I brings several charges against Robert of Belleme. Robert resists Henry but finally surrenders at Shrewsbury Castle. Robert is exiled.[1] 
1126   Shrewsbury Castle granted to Adeliza
 The castle at Shrewsbury was granted by Henry to his second wife Adeliza. The command of the castle was given to Fitz-Alan.[2] 
1138   Shrewsbury Castle captured by Stephen
 Stephen captured the castle at Shrewsbury. Henry (II) would capture back the castle before the end of Stephen's reign.[2]

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda  
1283 Jun  David of Wales captured
 David the brother of Llywelyn was handed over to the king by his own supporters who had already surrendered. He was taken to Shrewsbury Castle where a Parliament met and sentenced him to death by execution.[3]

Episode: Edward I and Wales  
1402   Henry IV assembles an army
 The king assembled an army at Shrewsbury Castle in preparation to fight Owain Glyndwr.[2]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
1403 Jul 21  Battle of Shrewsbury
 Henry IV managed to reach Shrewsbury just before Hotspur arrived and the rebel army had to camp outside the town to the north. The battle lasted all day but it ended when Hotspur was killed.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  


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