Wells Cathedral

he building of the present Wells Cathedral began in 1179/80. The work was orchestrated by Reginald de Bohun, Bishop of Bath between 1174-91. de Bohan's predecessor, Bishop Robert of Lewes (1136-66), found the church at Wells in a decayed state after the Bishop's see was moved from Wells in 1088 to Bath following the death of Bishop Giso. Bishop Robert wanted to give the Dean and Canons under him a new church and Bishop Reginald provided this. The church was dedicated in 1239 even though work on it continued until 1260. In 1244/5, after a campaign to reinstate Wells as a Cathedral, the Pope decreed that the Bishop should become the Bishop of Bath and Wells. The Chapter House was begun in 1250. A Chapter House is the place of business of the Dean and Canons who are collectively known as the Chapter. The Chapter House at Wells is octagonal in shape and was finished in 1306. The most amazing sight at Wells are the scissor arches under the central tower. They were designed in 1338 by the master mason William Joy to help take the weight of the tower that was starting to crack due to extra building work in 1313.
1180   Wells Cathedral building begins
 Work on Wells Cathedral began in this year. (More Information to follow) 
1230   Wells Cathedral West Front Started
 Building of the West Front of Wells Cathedral was begun. 
1230 - 1260 Wells Cathedral West Front
 Work commenced on the West Front of Wells Cathedral.[1] 
1239   Wells Cathedral dedication of church
 The church at Wells was dedicated in this year, but did not get its status as a Cathedral until 1244. 
1244   Bishop of Bath and Wells
 The Pope decreed that Wells should be reinstated as a Cathedral and the Bishop became the Bishop of Bath and Wells. 
1293 - 1310 Wells Cathedral chapter House begun
 The Chapter House and the complicated arrangement of steps leading to them were started in this year and were not completed until around 1310. 
1310 - 1319 Wells Cathedral Lady Chapel
 Work commenced on the Lady Chapel of Wells Cathedral. This could have been between 1320 and 1330.[1] 
1315 - 1322 Wells Cathedral Central Tower
 Work commenced on the central tower of Wells Cathedral. This needed strengthening and in 1338, new internal arches were added to support the weight.[1] 
1329 - 1340 Construction work at Wells
 Reconstruction work, possibly on the choir, took place at Wells Cathedral.[2] 
1338   Wells Cathedral scissor arches
 The Scissor arches were added to prevent the collapse of the central tower. 
1365 - 1395 Wells Cathedral South-west Tower
 William Wynford was the architect behind the South-west tower of Wells Cathedral.[1] 
1425 - 1435 Wells Cathedral North-west Tower
 The North-west tower of Wells Cathedral was constructed during this time.[1] 

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