Please Note: I have tried to ensure the the information presented in this app is accurate. Before visiting a castle mentioned in this app please verify it's location and ownership. Some of the castles detailed are privately owned and not open to the public. Please do not trespass on private land.

UK Castles App for Android Phone

Use this app to find UK castles near you. The app currently has details of hundreds of medieval castles in England and Wales.

The app uses your current location to determine the nearest castles, but don't worry if you don't want the app to use your location, you can still use the app to find details of the castles.

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This screen is what you will see after the app has loaded. Your GPS location will hopefully be shown after a few seconds. This is used to determine the distance from your location to each castle.

List of Castles

This screen will show all list of all castle sorted by distance from your location if known.

Use the filter buttons at the top left to choose what type of castle you are interested in. You many only want to visit castle with Norman Square Keeps for example.

Use the sort option to toggle between distance (nearest first) or alphabetical (a to z).

Icons to the left of the castle name depict the amount of remains that can be seen.

Map View

This screen shows graphically the positions of castles around you. Your position is shown as a light-blue pin if the phone knows your location.

Any nearby castles will be shown as red pins. Click on a red pin to get details about the castle at that location.

As you zoom out dark-blue pins will be displayed showing how many castles are in that area. Zoom in on that area and the individual castles will be shown.

Castle Details

When you select a castle from the castle list screen above or by tapping a castle on the map the details for that castle will be displayed. The castle details pages show an overview of information, including access, castle type, remains and directions where known.

Please Note: Some castles are privately owned and are not open to the public.

On this screen are two inputs that allow to to keep track of those castles you have visited and whether you think they deserve to be added to your favourite list.

Scroll the screen to see the history of the castle (where known). Extra tabs show a timeline of events where available and a map centred on the castle's location.

The Visited tab allows you to mark the castle as visited and set your own rating.

Finding Castles

Start typing the name or part of the name of the castle and matches will appear in the list. Once found tap the Find button to show details about the castles you have chosen.

Useful Terms

Keep: The defendable central part of a castle. Ditch: A trench dug around the outside of the castle. When filled with water is usually known as a moat. Bailey: The open area in a castle between the keep and the curtain wall. Palisade: Wooden wall surrounding the castle's bailey. Constable: Person in charge of the defence of the castle. Siege: The blockade of a castle or town to force the surrender of the occupants.

Useful Terms

Castle guards: A small number of guards would be stationed at all times even when the king of lord was not there. Male Servants: Attendants to the king or lord. Female Servants: Ladies in waiting to the Queen or Lord's wife. Chaplain: A priest to take services in the chapel. Cooks: To prepare food for the large banquets. Craftsmen: Woodworkers, stone masons and blacksmiths are a few examples of the craftsmen required to look after the structure of the castle.