Heraldry - Divisions of the field

In heraldry a shield can be divided into major sections. These are known as the Divisions of the field. The major divisions and their terms are shown below. Each name starts with the term 'party per'. But the word 'party' can be left out so that 'per fess' or 'per bend' is enough to describe the division.

Party per Pale

Party per Fess

Party per Cross
or Quarterly


Party per Bend

Party per Bend Sinister

Party per Saltire


Party per Cheveron


Heraldry - Lines of Partition

The lines that divide the sections do not have to be straight. Shown below are the styles of line that can be applied to the designs above. Although the majority of straight lines on a shield can be replaced by those below there are a few exceptions. The gyron and the quarter (both described later) should have straight lines.





Embattled Grady






The Medieval Shield Designer

Now you can select a field division and add extra detail with a division line sytle. Select a division from the small icons shown on the 'Set Field Division' option. Select the 'Lines of partition' menu to choose a different line style. To change the colours of the parts of the shield first click the area you want to change then select a colour, metal or fur from the 'Tinctures' menu.

To view the interactive shield designer you need to install Microsoft Silverlight.

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Points of the shield

A: Dexter Chief
B: Middle Chief
C: Sinister Chief
D: Honour Point
E: Fess-point (middle of shield)
F: Nombril / Naval point
G: Dexter Base
H: Middle Base
I: Sinister Base