Le Havre, France

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A city on the north coast of France.
1415 Aug 16  English fleets lands in Normandy
 Henry's army landed on the north bank of the Seine estuary near to the town of Harfleur (now part of Le Havre). Henry organised the siege of the town and waited for it to fall. 
Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1562 Winter  Le Havre occupied by the English
 As part of the secret treaty of Richmond, an English garrison was allowed to station itself at Le Havre and would swap the town for Calais once Calais was recaptured. The garrison of around 3,000 men was lead by the Earl of Warwick.[1] 
1563 Summer  Le Havre abandoned
 The Huguenots abandoned their treaty with Elizabeth and abandoned the English garrison at Le Harve. An outbreak of the plague struck the garrison leaving many dead or dying. Although reinforcements were sent the Earl of Warwick had little choice but to leave the town and return to England.[1]