Popes and Antipopes (999 .. 1503)


Anti-popes were elected by an ecclesiastical faction and later declared uncanonical and invalid. Precise numbers are unknown due to scant documentation in earlier periods. The first anti-pope was probably St Hyppolitus (3rd Century) and the last Felix V, former Duke of Savoy. The number of antipopes range from 25 to 40.

Ruler From To/Comments Antipope
 Sylvester II9991003 
 John XVII1003  
 John XVIII10041009 
 Sergius IV10091012 
 Benedict VIII10121024 
 John XIX10241032 
 Benedict IX10321045 
 Clement II - Imperial appointee10451048 
 Damasus II - Imperial appointee10481049 
 Leo IX - Imperial appointee10491055 
 Victor II - Imperial appointee10551057 
 Stephen IX (X) - Imperial appointee10571058 
 Benedict X1058  Antipope?
 Nicholas II10581061 
 Alexander II10611073 
 Honorius II10611072? Antipope?
 Gregory VII10731085 
 Clement III10801100 Antipope
 Victor III10861088 
 Urban II10881099 
 Paschal II10991118 

1100 .. 1199

Ruler From To/Comments Antipope
 Theodoric11001102 Antipope
 Albert1101  Antipope
 Sylvester IV11051111 Antipope
 Gelasius II11181119 
 Gregory VIII11181121 Antipope
 Calixtus II11191124 
 Honorius II11241130 
 Celestine II1124  Antipope
 Innocent II11301143 
 Anacletus II11301138 Antipope
 Victor IV1138  Antipope
 Celestine II11431144 
 Lucius II11441145 
 Eugenius III11451153 
 Anastasius IV11531144 
Adrian IV11541155 
Alexander III11591181 
 Victor IV (Octavian)11591164 Antipope
 Paschall III11641168 Antipope
 Calixtus III11681178 Antipope
 Innocent III11791180 Antipope
 Lucius III11811185 
 Urban III11851187 
 Gregory VIII1187  
 Clement III11871191 
 Celestine III11911198 
 Innocent III11981216 

1200 .. 1299

Ruler From To/Comments Antipope
 Honorius III12161227 
 Gregory IX12271242 
 Celestine IV1241Oct - Nov 
 Innocent IV12431254 
 Alexander IV12541261 
 Urban IV12611264 
 Clement IV12651268 
 Gregory X12711276 
 Innocent V1276Jan - Jun 
 Adrian V1276Jul - Aug 
 John XXI12761277 
 Nicholas III12771280 
 Martin IV12811285 
 Honorius IV12851287 
 Celestine V1294Jul - Dec 
 Boniface VIII12941303 

1300 .. 1399

Ruler From To/Comments Antipope
 Benedict XI13031304 
 Clement V13051314 

Babylonish Captivity & The Great Schism

Clement V, a Frenchman, moved the Papacy to Avignon after his election (1309-1377). Urban V tried to return, and Gregory XI succeeded shortly before his death. Unfortunately the authorities in Avignon did not immediately accept this, and the Great Schism resulted, from 1378-1415, and they continued to elect a Pope. An attempt to solve this in 1409 resulted in three popes, two being "elected" at Pisa.

Popes of Avignon

Ruler From To/Comments Antipope
 Clement V13091314 
 John XXII13161334 
 Nicholas V13281330 Antipope
 Benedict XII13341342 
 Clement VI13421352 
 Innocent VI13521362 
 Urban V13621370 
In 1367 Urban V travelled to Rome to restore the Papacy to Italy but had to return to France because of trouble there.
 Gregory XI1370  
In 1377 Gregory XI arrived in Rome to restore the Papacy to Italy.


Ruler From To/Comments Antipope
 Gregory XI13771378 
 Urban VI13781389 
 Clement VII (Avignon)13771378 Antipope
 Boniface IX13891404 
 Benedict XIII (Avignon)13941423 Antipope
 Innocent VII14041406 
 Gregory XII14061415 


In 1409 the Council of Pisa tried to solve the problem of having two popes, Gregory and Benedict. In the end the council declared the two void and elected their own; Alexander V.

Ruler From To/Comments Antipope
 Alexander V (Pisa)14091410 Antipope
 John XXIII (Pisa)14101415 Antipope
 Martin V14171431 
 Clement VIII14231429 Antipope
 Benedict XIV14251430 Antipope
 Eugenius IV14311447 
 Felix V14391449 Antipope
 Nicholas V14471455 
 Calixtus III14551458 
 Pius II14581464 
 Paul II14641471 
 Sixtus IV14711484 
 Innocent VIII14841492 
 Alexander VI14921503