Emperors of Byzantine (976 .. 1453)

Ruler From To/Comments
 Basil II and Constantine VIII9761025
 Constantine VIII10251028
 Zoë and Romanus III Argyrus10281034
 Zoë and Michael IV10341041
 Zoë and Michael V10411042
 Zoë and Constantine IX10421050
 Constantine IX10501055
 Michael VI Stratioticus10561057
 Isaac I Comnenus10571059
 Constantine X Ducas10571067
 Eudoxia with Michael VII, Andronicus and Constantine10671068
 Romanus IV Diogenes10681071
 Michael VII Ducas (Restored)10711078
 Nicephorus III Botaniates Ducas10781081
 Alexius I Comnenus10811118
 John II Comnenus11181143
 Manuel I Comnenus11431180
 Alexius II Comnenus11801183
 Andronicus I Comnenus11831185
 Isaac II Angelus11851195
 Alexius III Angelus11951203
 Alexius IV and Isaac II Angelus12031204
 Alexius V Ducas12041204

The Latin Emperors:

The Fourth Crusade sacked Constantinople in 1204 and a Latin Kingdom was established lasting until 1261, when Michael VIII succeeded in reunifying the Empire.

Ruler From To/Comments
 Baldwin I, Count of Flanders12041205
 Henry of Flanders12051216
 Yolande of Flanders12161219
 Robert of Courtenay12191228
 Baldwin II and Jean de Brienne (Regent)12281237
 Baldwin II12371261

The Nicaean Emperors:

After the Fourth Crusade sacked Constantinople in 1204 the old Byzantine Empire fragmented. Under the leadership of Theodore I Lascaris the Empire of Nicaean continued in parallel with the Latin control until Constantinople was recaptured in 1261.

Ruler From To/Comments
 Theodore I Lascaris12041222
 John II Vatatzes12221254
 Theodore II Lascaris12541258
 John IV Vatatzes12581261
 Michael VIII Palaeologus12591282

Restored Byzantine Empire:

Under the leadership of Michael Palaeologus Constantinople was recaptured from the Latin army who had been in control since 1204.

Ruler From To/Comments
 Andronicus II the Elder12821295
 Michael IX and Andronicus II12821320
 Andronicus II (period of anarchy?)13201328
 Andronicus III13281341
 John V13411376
 Andronicus IV13761379
 John V (restored)13791391
 Manuel II13911425
 John VIII14251448
 Constantine XI Dragases14481453

Capture of Constantinople:

On 29 May 1453 Mohammed II occupied Constantinople and the Empire ended.