Locations Of UK Castles

A list of castles in England, Scotland and Wales. Many are just the remains of motte and bailey type castles. The list has been built up from several sources and not all locations have been verified as accurate. Use this information at your own risk. Category entries are blank where information is not known.Click on the coordinates to launch StreetMap.co.uk in a new window showing the location.

Aber Cafwy Castle [Details]51.79505, -4.470926SN29701360
Aber Castle [Details]53.233967, -4.014414SH65607260
Aber Lleiniog Castle [Details]53.292608, -4.077219SH61707930
Abercorn Castle [Details]55.99875, -3.471858NT08307940
Aberedw Castle [Details]52.11715, -3.35035SO07634739
Abergavenny Castle [Details]51.819633, -3.017528SO29901390
Aberystwyth Castle [Details]52.413934, -4.090636SN57908160
Abinger Castle [Details]51.20236, -0.406856TQ11404600
Acre Castle [Details]52.70387, 0.692299TF82001520
Acton Burnell Castle [Details]52.61286, -2.689676SJ53300180
Aldford Castle [Details]53.13038, -2.869794SJ41905960
Allesley castle [Details]52.419128, -1.561339SP29938021
Allington Castle [Details]51.29328, 0.511395TQ75205790
Almondbury Castle [Details]53.62232, -1.77167SE15201400
Alnwick Castle [Details]55.4169, -1.7062NU18701370
Amberley Castle [Details]50.90915, -0.540636TQ02701320
Angle Castle [Details]51.685166, -5.088396 
Anstey Castle51.97683, 0.042719TL40403290
Appleby Castle [Details]54.5742, -2.4888NY68401990
Arundel Castle [Details]50.8562, -0.5536TQ01900730
Ascot D'Oilly Castle51.86965, -1.559876SP30401910
Ashby de la Zouch Castle [Details]52.7467, -1.4652SK36201670
Ashton Keynes Castle51.64748, -1.930578SU04909430
Astley Castle52.50161, -1.540338SP31308940
Astwell Castle52.09192, -1.113968SP60804410
Aydon Castle [Details]54.9915, -1.9995NZ00136632

Bailey: The open area in a castle between the keep and the curtain wall. This area can have working and domestic buildings in it

Barbican: Outer defences of a castle where attackers would be vulnerable. Normally a double tower over a bridge or gate

Baconsthorpe Castle [Details]52.899128, 1.152095TG12203810
Baginton Castle [Details]52.369685, -1.50004SP34207470
Bamburgh Castle [Details]55.609281, -1.710582NU18303510
Bampton Castle [Details]50.992786, -3.485462SS95902250
Barnard Castle [Details]54.543479, -1.925711NZ04901650
Barnstaple Castle [Details]51.08086, -4.06287SS55503330
Barnwell Castle [Details]52.454894, -0.457351TL04908530
Basing House51.26868, -1.051765SU66505260
Beaudesert Castle [Details]52.29371, -1.77122SP15606620
Beaumaris Castle [Details]53.2645, -4.0917SH60597621
Beaupre Castle [Details]51.438797, -3.4271519 
Bedford Castle [Details]52.13556, -0.463255TL05304970
Beeston Castle [Details]53.1289, -2.6934SJ53705930
Belsay Castle [Details]55.1013, -1.8687 
Belvoir Castle [Details]52.894331, -0.782472SK82003470
Benington Castle [Details]51.89586, -0.116474TL29702360
Beoley Castle [Details]52.32266, -1.904589SP06606940
Berkeley Castle [Details]51.6889, -2.4571ST68509900
Berkhamsted Castle [Details]51.76365, -0.55962SP99500820
Berry Pomeroy Castle [Details]50.449, -3.63664SX83806220
Berwick Castle [Details]55.7734, -2.01248NT99315334
Beverston Castle [Details]51.64463, -2.200834ST86209400
Bickleigh Castle [Details]50.85092, -3.511427SS93700680
Biggleswade Castle [Details]52.086242, -0.273039TL18424450
Bishop's Castle [Details]52.49559, -2.998616SO32308910
Bishop's Stortford Castle [Details]51.871935, 0.162909TL49002150
Bishop's Waltham Palace50.9525, -1.215527SU55201730
Bletchingley Castle51.23925, -0.10617TQ32305060
Bodiam Castle [Details]51.0021, 0.5427TQ78502560
Bolingbroke Castle [Details]53.165106, 0.016992TF35006490
Bolsover Castle53.23127, -1.297367SK47007070
Bolton Castle [Details]54.322142, -1.949515SE03409180
Brailes Castle52.05843, -1.552191SP30804010
Bramber Castle [Details]50.88365, -0.316815TQ18501070
Brampton Bryan Castle52.347663, -2.925781SO37007260
Brandon Castle52.37962, -1.402042SP40807590
Bredwardine Castle52.09393, -2.972104SO33504440
Bridgnorth Castle [Details]52.5314, -2.4186SO71709270
Bridgwater Castle [Details]51.12896, -3.00487ST29803730
Brimpsfield Castle [Details]51.8129, -2.086987SO94101270
Brinklow Castle [Details]52.41354, -1.356007SP43907970
Bronllys Castle [Details]52.0036926, -3.2406371 
Brough Castle [Details]54.52176, -2.3244NY79001410
Brougham Castle54.65391, -2.72NY53202900
Broughton Castle [Details]52.04063, -1.391994SP41803820
Bryn Amlwg Castle [Details]52.453027, -3.226565SO16708460
Builth Castle [Details]52.1491, -3.3995SO04345101
Bungay Castle [Details]52.455984, 1.436105TM33608980
Burley Castle [Details]52.69741, -0.678542SK89401190
Buttercrambe Castle [Details]54.01641, -0.882823SE73305840
Bywell Castle [Details]54.9505, -1.9248NZ04916176

Casemate: Bomb-proof vault in a curtain wall for cannons

Castle: Medieval fortification

Caergwrle Castle [Details]53.10729, -3.037164SJ30665718
Caerlaverock Castle [Details]54.97639, -3.521855NY02606570
Caernarvon Castle [Details]53.1394, -4.2768SH47806267
Caerphilly Castle [Details]51.5767, -3.2192ST15618713
Cainhoe Castle52.02416, -0.401142TL09803740
Caister Castle [Details]52.650404, 1.70175TG50401220
Caldicot Castle [Details]51.593135, -2.742327ST48608850
Calshot Castle50.82, -1.308604SU48800250
Caludon Castle52.41852, -1.451509SP37408020
Camber Castle [Details]50.93302, 0.733898TQ92201840
Cambridge Castle [Details]52.211953, 0.11479TL44505910
Canfield Castle [Details]51.83696, 0.312183TL59401790
Canterbury Castle [Details]51.27568, 1.07461TR14605750
Cardiff Castle [Details]51.4819, -3.1817ST18047654
Cardigan Castle [Details]52.0815, -4.6606088SN16404640
Carew Castle [Details]51.6972, -4.8269SN04500370
Carisbrooke Castle [Details]50.6878, -1.312SZ48708780
Carlisle Castle [Details]54.897223, -2.94207NY39605620
Carn Brea Castle50.222438, -5.244834SW68704060
Carreg Cennen Castle [Details]51.8544, -3.9356 
Carrickfergus Castle [Details]54.7132, -5.8063NW54904200
Castell-y-Bere [Details]52.6577034, -3.9717829 
Castle Rising [Details]52.7933, 0.4694TF66602460
Castlethorpe [Details]52.093549, -0.835471SP79804460
Caus Castle [Details]52.664047, -2.980755SJ33800780
Caverswall Castle [Details]52.982437, -2.074617SJ95104280
Cawood Castle [Details]53.831569, -1.129685SE57303760
Chartley Castle [Details]52.854043, -1.985961SK01002850
Chelborough Castle [Details]50.84727, -2.637719ST55200550
Cheney Longville Castle [Details]52.457754, -2.858783SO41708480
Chepstow Castle [Details]51.6438, -2.6763ST53309410
Chichester Castle [Details]50.83978, -0.77582SU86290518
Chideock Castle [Details]50.73465, -2.817568SY42409310
Chilham Castle [Details]51.242997, 0.959893TR06605350
Chillingam Castle [Details]55.526, -1.905NU06092581
Chirk Castle [Details]52.9353, -3.0891SJ26903810
Christchurch Castle50.733394, -1.775013SZ16009260
Cilgerran Castle [Details]52.056982, -4.634169SN19504310
Clare Castle52.076899, 0.582071TL77004520
Claxton Castle52.58183, 1.445136TG33500380
Clifford Castle52.10443, -3.106658SO24304570
Clitheroe Castle53.86996, -2.393847SD74204160
Clun Castle [Details]52.4216, -3.0337SO29808090
Coity Castle [Details]51.52201, -3.553SS92308160
Colchester Castle [Details]51.89059, 0.90308TL99802520
Conisbrough Castle [Details]53.4843, -1.2264SK51709890
Conway Castle [Details]53.28013, -3.82581SH78217750
Corfe Castle [Details]50.6404, -2.0593SY95908230
Craigie Castle55.55386, -4.523794NS40903180
Crail Castle56.25743, -2.64239NO60300740
Crewkerne Castle50.89286, -2.824601ST42101070
Criccieth Castle [Details]52.916021, -4.232481SH49903770
Crichton Castle55.844363, -2.990861NT38006160
Crickhowell Castle [Details]51.8575, -3.136389SO21831826
Cwm Camlais Castle [Details]51.9233, -3.51974SN95582606
Cymaron Castle52.32422, -3.245661SO15207030
Cymmer Castle52.75818, -3.880417SH73201950
Cynfal Castle52.5945, -4.046145SH61500160

Donjon: Inner stronghold or keep of the castle

Drawbridge: The wooden bridge of a gateway that can be raised or lowered for defence

Deal Castle [Details]51.219443, 1.403571TR37705210
Deddington Castle [Details]51.980924, -1.315687SP47203180
Deganwy Castle [Details]53.29749, -3.830502SH78107940
Denbigh Castle [Details]53.180544, -3.420695SJ05206600
Devizes Castle [Details]51.35078, -1.998515SU00206130
Dinas Powys Castle [Details]51.43787, -3.22074ST15247169
Dinefwr Castle [Details]51.876837, -4.018306SN61102170
Dinerth Castle [Details]52.238894, -4.206126SN49506240
Dirleton Castle [Details]56.045962, -2.778286NT51608390
Dolbadarn Castle [Details]53.1166, -4.1142SH58605980
Dolwyddelan Castle [Details]53.0526, -3.9081SH72205230
Donnington Castle [Details]51.4199, -1.3384SU46106920
Dover Castle [Details]51.1273, 1.3229TR32604170
Downton Castle [Details]50.99172, -1.743481SU18102140
Dryslwyn Castle [Details]51.862443, -4.101479SN55392029
Dublin Castle [Details]53.343, -6.26632 
Dudley Castle [Details]52.5151, -2.0795SO94709080
Duffus Castle [Details]57.687719, -3.361356NJ18906730
Dundrum Castle [Details]54.261062, -5.8486748 
Dunstanburgh Castle [Details]55.491, -1.593 
Dunster Castle [Details]51.1811, -3.444SS99204330
Durham Castle [Details]54.7751, -1.5776NZ27274232
Dymock Castle [Details]51.9615, -2.421SO71302940

Embattled: Battlements with crenelations (indentations).

Embrasure: A small opening in battlements used as lookout posts

Easton Castle [Details]51.9042, 0.3375TL60802540
Eaton socon Castle52.3757, 0.3867TL62607810
Ederdover Castle57.51347, -4.36546NH58404950
Edinburgh Castle55.948966, -3.20147NT25107350
Egremont Castle [Details]54.480195, -3.529643NY00901050
Ellesmere Castle [Details]52.9055, -2.889071SJ40303460
Elmley Castle [Details]52.06107, -2.030585SO98004030
Elsdon Castle [Details]55.23561, -2.0995NY93779349
Ewloe Castle [Details]53.19993, -3.06667SJ28806750
Ewyas Harold Castle [Details]51.95336, -2.897758SO38402870
Exeter Castle [Details]50.725894, -3.529779SX92109290
Eye Castle [Details]52.32017, 1.149868TM14707370
Eynsford Castle [Details]51.37042, 0.21341TQ54106580

Forebuilding: A small defendable building on the entrance of a larger building

Faringdon Castle [Details]51.65931, -1.572036SU29709570
Farleigh Hungerford Castle [Details]51.3172, -2.2869ST80105760
Farnham Castle [Details]51.2188, -0.8029SU83704730
Flint Castle [Details]53.2513, -3.13027SJ24497338
Folkestone Castle [Details]51.09764, 1.160713TR21403790
Fotheringay Castle [Details]52.5246, -0.4361TL06209300
Framlingham Castle [Details]52.224, 1.3456TM28606370
Frome Castle52.10954, -2.483274SO67004580

Gatehouse: A tower defending an entrance

Goodrich Castle [Details]51.8761, -2.6173SO57601990
Grosmont Castle [Details]51.91537, -2.866SO40502440

Hoarding: Brattices or Breteche; Wooden boards fitted to top of wall used as extra protection for defenders

Halton Castle [Details]53.333235, -2.6956SJ53708200
Harbottle Castle [Details]55.336662, -2.1068NT93300480
Harlech Castle [Details]52.8599, -4.11SH58043124
Hastings Castle [Details]50.85637, 0.584471TQ82000950
Haughley Castle [Details]52.223, 0.9645TM02406260
Haverfordwest Castle [Details]51.802646, -4.969796SM95301570
Hawarden Castle [Details]53.1807, -3.0198SJ31946533
Hedingham Castle [Details]51.9928, 0.6014TL78703590
Helmsley Castle [Details]54.24535, -1.063873SE61108370
Herstmonceux Castle [Details]50.8691, 0.3393TQ64701034
Hertford Castle [Details]51.79546, -0.080055TL32501250
Hever Castle [Details]51.18722, 0.11365TQ47804520
Hinton Castle [Details]51.6903, -1.457457SU37609920
Holt Castle [Details]53.0779, -2.8802SJ41135377
Hopton Castle [Details]52.395835, -2.931867SO36707790
Hurst Castle [Details]50.706389, -1.55111SZ31798973

Motte: A large earth mound either natural or artificial on which a keep is built

Rampart: A surrounding wall or raised earthwork

Inkberrow Castle [Details]52.21391, -1.976537SP01705730

Keep: Donjon; The defendable central part of a Norman castle. Either a Hall-keep with living quaters or a Shell-keep with open centre and walls with a sentry-walk

Kenilworth Castle [Details]52.3481, -1.5933SP27807230
Kidwelly Castle [Details]51.7396, -4.3056SN40900700
Kilpeck Castle [Details]51.9702, -2.8093SO44403050
Knaresborough Castle [Details]54.00695, -1.468993SE34905690
Knepp Castle [Details]50.975581, -0.344004TQ16302090

Portcullis: A trellis-work gate that is lowered and raised in grooves in a passage

Crenellation: Notched battlements at the top of a wall

Laugharne Castle [Details]51.76915, -4.462263SN30201070
Launceston Castle [Details]50.63664, -4.36214SX33008450
Leeds Castle [Details]51.2493, 0.6294TQ83605330
Lewes Castle [Details]50.87351, 0.008484TQ41501010
Lincoln Castle [Details]53.23429, -0.540707SK97507180
Llansteffan Castle [Details]51.7661, -4.3911SN35101020
LLawhaden Castle [Details]51.822344, -4.798 
Ludgershall Castle [Details]51.26025, -1.623042SU26405130
Ludlow Castle [Details]52.36742, -2.72339SO50007400
Lulworth Castle [Details]50.63841, -2.206408SY85508210
Lydford Castle [Details]50.64379, -4.1096SX51008480
Lydney Castle51.71991, -2.55583SO61700250

Machicolations: Openings in a floor allowing missiles to be dropped on the enemy below

Malvoisin: A large mound of earth or stone built by attackers near a castle used for firing from

Malmesbury Castle51.58451, -2.098095ST93308730
Manorbier Castle [Details]51.645481, -4.799835SS06409780
Marisco Castle [Details]51.16227, -4.660081SS14104370
Marshwood Castle50.7758, -2.846651SY40409770
Maxstoke Castle [Details]52.499, -1.6715 
Middleham Castle [Details]54.28406, -1.806867SE12808770
Monmouth Castle [Details]51.81255, -2.716533SO50701290
Montacute Castle [Details]50.94929, -2.723104ST49301690
Montgomery Castle [Details]52.56253, -3.15061SO22109669

Casemate: Bomb-proof vault in a curtain wall for cannons

Ward: An enclosure surrounded by walls. Another name for the bailey or courtyard

Neroche Castle [Details]50.93613, -3.037418ST27201570
Newark Castle [Details]53.07721, -0.812471SK79605410
Newcastle Castle [Details]51.50912, -3.583549SS90208010
Norham Castle [Details]55.722, -2.149NT90604740
Norwich Castle [Details]52.62834, 1.296553TG23200850
Nottingham Castle [Details]52.94897, -1.154605SK56903940
Nunney Castle [Details]51.21079, -2.378602ST73654580

Malvoisin: A large mound of earth or stone built by attackers near a castle used for firing from

Casemate: Bomb-proof vault in a curtain wall for cannons

Odiham Castle [Details]51.26165, -0.960903SU72605190
Ogmore Castle [Details]51.4805, -3.6114SS88197695
Okehampton Castle [Details]50.73101, -4.007776SX58409430
Old Wardour Castle [Details]51.03611, -2.089228ST93842631
Ongar Castle [Details]51.70512, 0.247558TL55400310
Orford Castle [Details]52.09452, 1.530099TM41904990
Owston Ferry Castle [Details]53.49234, -0.786607SE80600020
Oxford Castle [Details]51.75218, -1.262598SP51000620
Oystermouth Castle [Details]51.57711, -4.00263SS61308830

Peel Tower: Small fortified tower usually rectangular

Portcullis: A trellis-work gate that is lowered and raised in grooves in a passage

Painscastle [Details]52.107817, -3.219177SO16604620
Peebles Castle55.652, -3.215663NT23604050
Pembroke Castle [Details]51.67682, -4.920154SM98200160
Penard Castle51.57651, -4.102557SS54408850
Pencader Castle [Details]52.00237, -4.267SN44403620
Pendennis Castle [Details]50.14722, -5.047777SW82303190
Pendragon Castle54.41837, -2.337449NY78200260
Penrice Castle [Details]51.57521, -4.1703SS49708840
Pentrefoelas Castle [Details]53.05552, -3.687425SH87005225
Pevensey Castle [Details]50.81941, 0.332539TQ64400480
Peveril Castle [Details]53.33999, -1.777414SK14808260
Pickering Castle [Details]54.24994, -0.775SE80008450
Picton Castlle [Details]51.784, -4.885SN01101342
Piel Castle [Details]54.062217, -3.173408SD23306360
Pleshey Castle [Details]51.80342, 0.414906TL66601440
Plympton Castle [Details]50.383679, -4.048382SX54605590
Pontefract Castle [Details]53.696, -1.3048SE46002240
Portchester Castle [Details]50.8376, -1.1138SU62500460
Powerstock Castle [Details]50.76075, -2.680423SY52109590
Powis Castle [Details]52.6498, -3.161SJ21500640
Prestatyn Castle [Details]53.338498, -3.393605SJ07308330
Prudhoe Castle [Details]54.96515, -1.857839NZ09206340
Pulford Castle [Details]53.12179, -2.93537SJ37505870

Murder-hole: Openings in a floor allowing missiles to be dropped on the enemy below

Drawbridge: The wooden bridge of a gateway that can be raised or lowered for defence

Queenborough Castle [Details]51.41689, 0.749738TQ91307224

Rampart: A surrounding wall or raised earthwork

Ravelin: A triangular enclosure protecting an entrance to a fort

Raby Castle [Details]54.59263, -1.79987 
Raglan Castle [Details]51.76867, -2.851192SO41360812
Rampton Castle52.2915, 0.096759TL43106800
Reigate Castle51.23905, -0.207893TQ25205040
Restormel Castle [Details]50.42178, -4.67047SX10306140
Rhayader Castle52.3004, -3.514838SN96806800
Rhuddlan Castle [Details]53.29012, -3.466517SJ02347802
Richmond Castle [Details]54.40148, -1.735021NZ17300070
Roch Castle [Details]51.849112, -5.078897 
Rochester Castle [Details]51.3897, 0.502298TQ74206860
Rockingham Castle [Details]52.5136, -0.72385SP86709140
Ruthin Castle [Details]53.11197, -3.310147SJ12405800
Rye Castle [Details]50.95254, 0.73395 

Shell Keep: A high circular or many sided keep built on top of a motte with domestic buildings inside

Siege tower: A timber tower sometimes with wheels that attackers used to reach the height of the castle

Scarborough Castle [Details]54.28769, -0.391571TA04808920
Sentence Castle [Details]51.772794, -4.736548 
Sherborne Old Castle [Details]50.94955, -2.502458ST64801680
Sheriff Hutton Castle [Details]54.087774, -1.005SE65806630
Shrewsbury Castle [Details]52.71092, -2.75189SJ49301285
Skenfrith Castle [Details]51.87861, -2.790219SO45702030
Skipton Castle53.963618, -2.015731SD99005190
St. Mawes Castle [Details]50.15582, -5.02407SW84003270
Stafford Castle [Details]52.79656, -2.142926SJ90462212
Staunton on Arrow Motte [Details]52.23484, -2.9245SO36966003
Stirling Castle [Details]56.12283, -3.946983NS79069394
Stokesay Castle [Details]52.43037, -2.829469SO43708170
Stowey Castle51.14986, -3.163732ST18703960
Strensham Castle [Details]52.06273, -2.14046SO90464049
Swerford Castle [Details]51.97803, -1.46127SP37103120

Drawbridge: The wooden bridge of a gateway that can be raised or lowered for defence

Bailey: The open area in a castle between the keep and the curtain wall. This area can have working and domestic buildings in it

Tamworth Castle [Details]52.6328, -1.6971SK20600380
Tattershall Castle [Details]53.10252, -0.19414TF21005767
Tenby Castle [Details]51.672481, -4.694684SN13800050
Thetford Castle52.41106, 0.755303TL87508280
Thirlwall Castle [Details]54.9888, -2.5338NY65946615
Tintagel Castle [Details]50.66694, -4.7575SX05208880
Tomen Castle [Details]53.051539, -3.903762SH72405210
Tonbridge Castle [Details]51.19653, 0.272812TQ58904660
Totnes Castle [Details]50.43205, -3.69095SX80006050
Tower of London [Details]51.5076, -0.0763TQ33608050
Trematon Castle [Details]50.40043, -4.237704SX41005800
Trentham Castle52.96529, -2.200953SJ86604090
Tretower Castle [Details]51.88337, -3.186941SO18402120
Trim Castle [Details]53.55378, -6.79037 
Tutbury Castle [Details]52.859568, -1.690623SK21002930
Tynemouth Castle [Details]55.0175, -1.418NZ37316937

Forebuilding: A small defendable building on the entrance of a larger building

Concentric: A concentric castle has a series of defences enclosing another

Urquhart Castle [Details]57.3213, -4.447773NH52702829
Usk Castle51.705086, -2.90335SO37700100

Ward: An enclosure surrounded by walls. Another name for the bailey or courtyard

Walden Castle52.0254, 0.24026TL53803870
Wallingford Castle [Details]51.60287, -1.123516SU60808970
Walmer Castle [Details]51.200556, 1.401891TR37205020
Warkworth Castle [Details]55.34562, -1.612077NU24700580
Warwick Castle [Details]52.27882, -1.586617SP28306460
Weobley Castle [Details]51.61276, -4.19937SS47809270
Weobley Castle (Herefordshire) [Details]51.61276, -4.19937 
White Castle [Details]51.84634, -2.901433SO38001680
Whittington Castle [Details]52.87312, -3.004296SJ32503110
Winchester Castle51.062844, -1.319631SU48302950
Windsor Castle [Details]51.48365, -0.604464SU97007700
Wisbech Castle [Details]52.66423, 0.16011TF46100950
Wiston Castle [Details]51.82641, -4.87177 
Worcester Castle [Details]52.1867, -2.2223SO84895429

Barbican: Outer defences of a castle where attackers would be vulnerable. Normally a double tower over a bridge or gate

Bartizan: A watch-tower or turret jutting out from the top of a castle

Yarmouth Castle [Details]50.706658, -1.500281SZ35388978
Yielden Castle [Details]52.291632, -0.515037TL01406690
York Castle (Clifford's Tower) [Details]53.95605, -1.077984SE60605150

Number Of castles: 327

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Location Verified:

: Verified
: Not verified

Remains (where known):

: Excellent
: Substantial
: Modest
: Little if any

Access (where known):

: At any reasonable time
: Limited
: No Access/Private

Castle Details

Motte and Bailey Castles

The Norman Conquerors built their castles in locations where they could keep control of the local populations of Saxons or at important locations such as river crossings or on key roads. Many motte and bailey castles were built on the border with Wales to try and keep the Welsh at bay. The advantage of this type of castle was that it was quick to construct. Making a fortification from wood was much easier than making one of stone.


Shell Keeps

There are two forms of shell-keep. The first type is where the structure is located on the top of the motte. The second type of shell-keep is where the keep totally encloses the motte itself so its base extends down to the ditch surrounding the motte.


Square Keeps

One of the most important types of building in the time of William the Conqueror and William Rufus were the Norman keeps. Although many were rebuilt in the following century there are many good examples still remaining. The White Tower in London (pictured left), Dover and Rochester in the south east, Newcastle, Appleby, Carlisle, Brough, Richmond in the north are all examples of this type of castle. Other examples include Porchester, Guilford, Goodrich, Norwich, Castle Rising, Hedingham and Colchester.