Siege Engines

Virtual Reconstruction


View this page on a desktop computer to explore an siege environment showing the different kinds of siege engine.

If you are using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 (tested on version 25.10586.0.0) explore a virtual siege environment.

Explore a landscape showing different kinds of siege engine, including the trebuchet, siege tower and battering.

Launch Unity 3D Virtual Reconstruction »


For best results when exploring the reconstruction press 'C' to hide the mouse cursor and 'L' to go full screen. Press 'Shift' to run.

Images from reconstruction

Images from reconstruction.

The reconstruction has been created using Unity 3D and employs the technology of WebGL.


Also available - A motte and bailey castle


You may also be interested in exploring a motte and bailey castle.

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Also available - Etal Castle


You may also be interested in exploring a Northumberland castle built near the Scottish border. An excellent example of a tower house with improved fortifications.

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TimeRef UK Castles Mobile App for Android Phone

This Android app allows you to find castles thar are near you. Currently the app includes only English and Welsh castles.

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Download the app from the Google Play Store.

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