Medieval Life

This section describes life in the Medieval period. (Please note that this section is under construction and incomplete)

Life in a Castle

What was life like in a medieval castle. Where did people eat, sleep and go to the toilet. The castle had to provide enough accommodation for the nobleman or king and his party when they stayed at the castle. When the king was elsewhere just the number of people required to look after the castle and to guard it actually lived there.

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Buildings and Architecture

Common types of buildings and how they were built. (Page under construction)

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The Feudal System

The structure of the feudal system was like a pyramid, where the king was at the apex (point at the top) and the common people (Villeins) of the country were at the base. In between the two were different kinds of lord whose position was defined by their social class.

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The Black Death

The Black Death could have been what we know today as Bubonic Plague. Bubonic Plague is spread by the rat flea. The idea for a long time has been that the rat fleas spread across Asia and Europe on rats and people killing as they went.

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Village life and Agriculture

The countryside of England would have looked very different from what we see today. Thick forest would have covered a lot of it containing dangerous wild animals such as wolves and boars. In clearings throughout the forest would have been the villages known as manors.

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What medieval people wore in the eleventh century.

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Introduction to Heraldry

The history of medieval heraldry and designs used.

This includes a short introduction to heraldry and gives you the option of designing your own shield.

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Town life

The Anglo-Saxons had developed the fortified settlement known as a burh. The settlement was surrounded by banks and ditches with wooden palisades on top. A number of gatehouses controlled who entered the burh. The buildings inside the burh were mostly made from wood or wattle and daub with thatched rooves. Over time these defences were replaced by stone walls and gatehouses.

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Religious Life

Cathedrals, Abbeys, life in monasteries, daily rituals and the monastic orders.

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Education and Learning

Getting an education is medieval times..

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Law and Punishment

From the stocks to prisons.

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Science, Medicine, Music and Art

(Page under construction)

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Industries, trading and guilds

What were the main industries and how were goods bought and sold.

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Games, Amusements and Festivals

What did medieval people do for fun. (Page under construction)

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TimeRef UK Castles Mobile App for Android Phone

This Android app allows you to find castles thar are near you. Currently the app includes only English and Welsh castles.

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A Medieval Mystery

There appear to be some strange connections between the fourteenth century Old Wardour Castle and ancient stone circle Stonehenge.


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