Episodes of Medieval History

The sections below describe the details of important episodes that took place during the Middle Ages. Each episode includes a list of the key events and details about the people who took part.

Early Middle Ages

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Saxons and Angles410 
Viking Invasions7871042

Gatehouse to a motte and bailey castle


High Middle Ages

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The Normans

Edward the Confessor and Earl Godwine1045 1053
Reasons for the Norman Invasion1053 1066
The Norman Invasion1066 
The Norman Conquest1066 1086

The Crusades

Background to the Crusades  
People's Crusade and the First Crusade1096 1099
The Second Crusade1148 
The Third Crusade1190 1191

Stephen's Succession

Stephen's succession to the throne1135 
The Civil War between Stephen and Matilda (The Anarchy)1139 1154

Henry II

The Conquest of Ireland1166 1171

Conflicts with the Church

Henry II and Thomas Becket1162 1174
Excommunication of King John1209 1214

Conflicts with the Barons

The First Barons' War1215 1217
The Second Barons' War1258 1267

Edward I

Edward I and Wales1276 1284
Edward I and Scotland1286 1306

Late Middle Ages

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Edward II

Edward II and Piers Gaveston1308 1312
Robert the Bruce1306 1323
Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II1325 1358

The Hundred Years War

Edward III starts the Hundred Years War1337 1377
Continues with Richard II1385 1387
Henry V invades France1414 1422
Henry VI and Joan of Arc1423 1453

The Black Death

The Black Death1347 1351

Richard II

The Peasants Revolt1381 
The Lords Appellant1384 13??

Henry IV

Glendower's Revolt1400 1409

The Wars of the Roses

Wars of the Roses1455 1487

Early Modern Period

The Early Modern Period describes a period in history roughly between 1500 and 1800. This section contains some of the early episodes that occurred in the period.
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The Tudors

The Great Explorers1492 
Henry VIII and his six wives1501 1543
Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen1553 


Q: What does the term 'Medieval Period' mean?
A: The Medieval Period (or Middle Ages) describe a period in our history.

Q: When was the Medieval Period or the Middle Ages?
A: They began in the 5th century (roughly between 400AD & 500AD) at the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. The Medieval Period lasted until the start of the 16th century (1500AD).

Q: How long did the Medieval Period last?
A: The Medieval Period lasted for around 1,000 years.

The overall Medieval Period is divided into three time periods; the Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages.


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