840  Death of Louis the Pious  
849 Alfred 'the Great' is born   
877Oct 6 Death of Charles the Bald  
890  Guthrum dies  
899Oct 26 Alfred dies, Edward 'The Elder' becomes King  
902  Aethelwold killed  
924Jul 17 Edward the Elder dies  
933  Edwin is drowned  
942  Death of Fulk the Red  
955  Eadred dies  
1014Feb 3 Swein dies  
1017Dec Death of Eadric Streona  
1028 Birth of William, the future conqueror of England  Falaise
1031  Robert the Pious dies  
1035Nov 12 Canute dies Shaftesbury
1036  Alfred is murdered by Godwine  
1040Mar 17 Harold Harefoot dies  
1040Aug 14 Duncan is killed by Macbeth  
1042Jun 8 Harthacanute dies and Edward the Confessor becomes King  
1045  Crinan killed during uprising  
1047  Magnus of Norway dies  
1052Mar Death of Queen Emma Winchester
1056Jun Death of Leofgar, bishop of Hereford Glasbury-on-Wye
1057  Edward (the Exile) dies  
1057Aug Macbeth is killed and Lulach becomes king Scone
1060  Henry, King of France, dies to be followed by Philippe  
1063  Gruffydd ap Llywelyn killed  
1066Jan 4 Edward the Confessor dies Westminster Abbey
1068SepBirth of Henry I  Selby, Yorkshire
1069Apr 28 Death of Magnus II  
1090Aug Death of Constance, William's daughter  
1093Nov 16 Death of Margaret of Scotland Alnwick Castle
1095  Wulfstan dies Worcester Cathedral
1100Jul 18 Godfrey of Bouillon dies Jerusalem
1100Aug William buried at Winchester Winchester Cathedral
1100Aug 2 William II (Rufus) is killed while hunting New Forest
1107  FitzHamon dies Falaise
1108  Death of Gundulf Rochester Cathedral
1110 Birth of Geoffrey Plantagenet   
1118May 1 Queen Matilda dies Palace of Westminster
1120Nov William Adelin is drowned  
1133Mar 25Future king Henry II is born  Le Mans
1134  Death of Robert Curthose Cardiff Castle
1135Dec 1 Henry I dies  
1136  Hughes de Payen dies  
1147Oct 31 Robert, Earl of Gloucester dies  
1151Sep Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, dies St. Julien's Cathedral, Le Mans
1152  Death of Ranulf, Earl of Chester  
1153Aug 17 Stephen's son Eustace dies Bury St. Edmunds Abbey
1154Oct 25 Stephen dies  
1155Feb 28Henry the Young King is born  London
1157Sep 9Richard (I) born at Oxford  Oxford
1158Sep 23Birth of Geoffrey Plantagenet   
1162 Eleanor gives birth in Rouen  Rouen, France
1164Jan 30 William of Paitin dies Rouen, France
1165Aug 21Birth of Philip Augustus   
1167Sep 10 Death of Matilda Rouen, France
1167Dec 24John, the future king of England is born  Oxford
1170Dec 29 Thomas Becket is murdered  
1183Jun The Young King dies  
1189Jul 6 Henry II Dies Chinon, France
1192Apr 28 Conrad is assassinated  
1193  Saladin dies  
1205Jul 13 Hubert Walter dies  
1207OctBirth of Henry III  Winchester Castle
1214Dec 4 William the Lyon of Scotland dies  
1216Oct Death of King John Newark Castle
1216Oct 19 King John dies Newark Castle
1219  William Marshal dies  
1249Jul 8 Alexander II of Scotland dies  
1258Oct 5 The death of Philippe III Perpignan, France
1272Nov 16 Henry III dies Westminster Abbey
1275  Death of Margaret  
1282Dec 11 Llywelyn killed  
1283AprBirth of Margaret, Maid of Norway   
1283Oct 3 Dafydd ap Gruffydd is executed  
1284Apr 25 Edward (II) is born Caernarvon Castle
1286Mar 19 Alexander III of Scotland dies  
1290Sep Margaret, 'Maid of Norway' dies on voyage Orkney
1290Nov 28 Eleanor of Castile dies  
1303Oct 11 Death of Boniface VIII  
1305Aug Wallace executed Smithfield
1306Feb 10 John Comyn murdered by Robert Bruce  
1307Jul 7 Death of Edward I Burgh-upon-the-sands
1312Jun 19 Gaveston executed  
1312NovFuture Edward III is born  Windsor Castle
1315AugBirth of John of Eltham  Eltham Palace
1316Nov 20 Death of King John of France  
1322Mar 22 Lancaster Executed Pontefract Castle
1324Mar 5David (II) born   
1327Sep Edward II murdered at Berkeley Castle Berkeley Castle
1332Jun 16Isabella born   
1355Jan 7Birth of Thomas of Woodstock  Woodstock
1358Aug 23 Death of Queen Isabella  
1367MarHenry (IV) future king of England in born  Bolingbroke Castle
1369Aug Queen Philippa dies  
1371Feb David II dies and is succeeded by Robert II  
1376Jun Death of the Black Prince  
1377Jun 21 Edward III Dies Westminster Abbey
1380  Death of Charles V and accession of Charles VI  
1381Jun 15 Watt Tyler killed London
1394  Queen Anne dies  
1399Feb Death of John of Gaunt  
1400  Henry Yeveley dies. Canterbury Cathedral
1400Feb Death of Richard II Pontefract Castle
1400Oct 25 Death of Geoffrey Chaucer.  
1405May Scrope executed  
1406Apr Robert III dies Rothesay Castle
1411Sep 21Birth of Richard of York   
1412JanJoan of Arc born  Domr�my
1413Mar 20 Henry IV dies Palace of Westminster
1421Dec 6Birth of Henry (VI)  Windsor Castle
1422Aug 31 Henry V dies Westminster Abbey
1422Oct 21 Charles VI of France dies  
1428Nov 22Birth of Richard Neville, the Kingmaker   
1431May 30 Joan of Arc burnt at the stake Rouen, France
1437Jan 3 Catherine of France dies  
1442Apr 28Future Edward IV is born  Rouen, France
1450May Death of William de la Pole  
1450Jul Jack Cade killed  
1452Oct 2Richard (III) is born  Fotheringay Castle
1453Oct 13Prince Edward of Lancaster is born   
1456Nov Edmund Tudor dies Carmarthen Castle
1457Jan 28Henry (VII) is born  Pembroke Castle
1460Aug 3 James II accidentally killed Roxburgh Castle
1461Jul 22 Death of Charles VII Rheims Cathedral
1470Qtr 4Edward (V) is born  Westminster Abbey
1471May 21 The murder of Henry VI Tower of London
1473DecBirth of Edward, Prince of Wales  Middleham Castle
1482Aug 25 Death of Margaret of Anjou Angers Cathedral
1483Jun 13 Hastings executed  
1483Jun 25 Earl Rivers is executed Pontefract Castle
1483Jul Murder of Princes in the Tower Tower of London
1483Aug 30 Death of Louis XI  
1484Apr Prince Edward dies Middleham Castle
1485Mar Death of Queen Anne  
1485Dec 15Birth of Catherine of Aragon   
1486SepBirth of Prince Arthur   
1488Jun 11 Death of James III of Scotland  
1489NovBirth of Margaret   
1491Jun 28Henry (VIII) born  Greenwich Palace
1492Jun Death of Elizabeth Woodville  
1498Apr 7 Death of Charles VIII of France  
1499Nov Perkin Warbeck executed Tower of London
1502Apr Prince Arthur dies Ludlow Castle
1503Feb Elizabeth of York dies  
1504Nov Death of Isabella of Castile  
1506May 20 Death of Columbus Valladolid, Spain
1509Apr 21 Death of Henry VII Westminster Abbey
1511Jan 1Birth of Henry's first son   
1515Jan 1 Death of Louis XII  
1516Feb 18Birth of Mary  Greenwich Palace
1527May 21Birth of Philip II of Spain   
1530Nov 29 Death of Wolsey  
1533Sep 7Birth of Elizabeth to Anne Boleyn  Greenwich Palace
1536Jan Death of Catherine of Aragon Kimbolton Castle
1536Jan 29 Anne Boleyn loses a son  
1536May 19 Execution of Anne Boleyn Tower of London
1537Oct 12Edward VI born at Hampton Court  Hampton Court Palace
1537Oct 24 Jane Seymour dies Windsor Castle
1542Feb 13 Catherine Howard executed Tower of London
1542Dec 14 Death of James V of Scotland  
1547Jan 28 Death of Henry VIII Windsor Castle
1547Mar 31 Death of Francis I Ch�teau de Rambouillet
1554Apr 11 Wyatt executed Tower of London
1557Jul 16 Death of Anne of Cleves  
1558Nov 17 Queen Mary dies Westminster Abbey
1559Jul 10 Henry II killed after a tournament accident  
1560Jun Death of Mary of Guise  
1560Dec Death of Francis II, King of France  
1566Jun 19Birth of the James the future King of England  Edinburgh Castle
1567Feb 10 Murder of Lord Darnley  
1599Apr 25Birth of Oliver Cromwell   
1600Nov 19Charles (I) born   
1603Mar 24 Death of Queen Elizabeth I  
1625Mar 27 Charles I becomes King of England Westminster Abbey
1630May 29Charles (II) born   
1631 Birth of Princess Mary