Key Dates in Medieval History from 1000 to 1199

Dates Kings and Queens of England and France Famous People Great Events, Sea Fights and Land Battles Principal Building
1000 Aethelred   Leif, son of Eric the Red sailed to America  
1016 Knut      
1027   William the Conqueror born Knut's pilgrimage to Rome  
1031 Henry I (France)      
1042 Edward the Confessor Godwin, Earl of Wessex    
1060 Phillip I (France)      
1065       Westminster Abbey Dedication
1066 William the Conqueror, m. Matlida of Flanders Harold Godwinson (killed at Hastings)
Lanfranc, Archbishop, 1070 Hereward the Wake
Battle of Stamford Bridge
Battle of Hastings
Rebellion at Exeter, 1068
Waste of the North, 1069-70
Rebellion at Ely, 1071
Tower of London
Battle Abbey, 1067
St. Albans Transepts and Nave, 1077-93
Colchester Castle
1080       Ely Cathedral begun, 1083
1085     Domesday Book  
1087 William Rufus
Anslem, Archbishop, 1093
First Crusade, 1096, founded Christian kingdom at Jerusalem in 1099 Tewkesbury Abbey, 1087-1123
Durham Nave, 1093-1128
Norwich Cathedral, 1096-1119
Canterbury Choir, 1096
Westminster Hall, 1099
1096     The People's Crusade
The First Crusade
1100 Henry I, m. Matilda of Scotland      
1106     Battle of Tenchebrai and Conquest of Normandy  
1108 Louis VI (France)      
1116     War with France, 1116-19  
1117       Peterborough Nave, 1117-94
1119     Knights Templar in Jerusalem  
1120     Loss of the White Ship  
1130       Rochester Castle
Hedingham Castle
1135 Stephen, m. Maude of Boulogne      Fountains Abbey Nave, 1135-45
1137 Louis VII (France)      
1138     Civil War
Battle of the Standard
1141     Battle of Lincoln  
1147     Second Crusade (St. Bernard) Roche Abbey
1153     Treaty of Wallingford Kirkstall Abbey, 1152
1154 Henry II (Plantagenet) m. Eleanor of Aquitaine     Ripon Minster, 1154-81
1162   Becket, Archbishop    
1166     Conquest of Ireland  
1170     Murder of Becket Jervaulx Abbey
1180 Philip Augustus (France)     Byland Abbey
1187     Saladin takes Jerusalem
The Third Crusade
1189 Richard I, m. Beregaria of Navarre      
1192     Richard in captivity Lincoln Choir and Trancepts
1199 John, m. Isabella of Angouleme      

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